Alice in motherland…

Art portfolio- my work

“This year is the 150th anniversary of the first telling of Alice in Wonderland. To celebrate this anniversary, Long Street Art Lovers 1932 and Gordon Froud (who has one of the biggest collections of Alice books and objects in South Africa) present an opportunity for artists to revisit their childhood. Remember your favourite chapter or characters from Alice in Wonderland or Alice’s adventures through the looking glass and let your imagination do the rest……” (from the call for participation)

and here is what i did….

Alice in motherland, embroidery on rubber/inner tube and found frame

Alice in motherland, embroidery on rubber/inner tube and found frame

my inspiration came from page 70 in my copy of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

“So she set the little creature down, and felt quite relieved to see it trot away quietly into the wood.  ‘If it had grown up,’ she said to herself, ‘it would have made a dreadfully ugly child’ but it makes rather a handsome pig, I think.’  And she began thinking over other children she knew, who might do very well as pigs, and was just saying to herself, ‘If one only knew the right way to change them-‘”

Happy birthday to Alice and thank you for entertaining kids and pigs alike…..

This exhibition opens on the 3rd of October and run until the 16th of October if you are in the Pretoria area, or visit Long Street Art Lovers 1932’s facebook page for more info.




Grown up

Art portfolio- my work

I saw a quote on facebook recently: “Don’t grow up it’s a trap” anon.

A trap indeed! A trap of chores to be done- instead I should have fun!

So I know I’ve promised my website would be up by now, but I have extended my own deadline to my 36th birthday which is not so far into the future from now.

 I’ve extended the date because the school holidays are upon us.

Usually I love school holidays, but

I wish the department of education will give moms a break and not make the winter holidays 3 weeks long!!  The first week was very rainy- at first it was fun and we played in the rain and puddles, but then the grown up in me realized that the laundry wont dry and we only have limited jerseys and sweaters and stuff and no tumble drier.

We baked chocolate cake, banana loaf and the kitchen looked more often than not like a natural disaster site.

We played Lego – E made ‘Axioms’ inspired by the movie Wall-E, (unfortunately S decided he’s Godzilla and destroyed our creations which made E very upset to say the least.  We painted on our glass sliding doors with powder paint.

Sometimes I wish my kids were at an age where I could teach them how to play chess or board games like Risk etc, it would really help!

Unfortunately our library doesn’t have a holiday program – which is really sad.

The grown up in me is really exhausted by this holiday- and looking forward to Monday when school starts again and I would have 3 and a half productive hours all to myself!

I have a new idea of a superhero….my grandmother who had SIX children! When the oldest child (my godmother) was twelve my mom the youngest was born. In between there was four boys.  She didn’t have a domestic worker because they couldn’t afford one.  They didn’t have television.  Her husband was of the breed where his shirts for the next day must be ironed, the children bathed and quiet and food ready on the table when he returned from work.  I wish she was still alive so that I could ask her: How did you do it without loosing yourself?  My aunt suffers from manic depression.  Could it be because she didn’t have a childhood?  She had to be my grandmothers little helper.

I wonder how other moms are coping.

The school holiday isn’t the only reason I haven’t worked on my ‘website’.  I started and finished the book: The Selected works of TS Spivet by Reif Larsen.



I loved it and fell in love with maps all over again…..I tried to do a couple of maps but the only one I could sort of pull of is this one:

mapping mamma

Mapping the “word Mamma” from 7am to 7pm is – I lost count somewhere, but you get the idea.

The website for this book is also amazing.  Wish I could pull of something like that for mine, but I’m afraid I’m not grown up (read clued up) enough for that.

I wonder why I always fall in love with books where the main character is a child. Eg: The selected writings o fTS Spivet by Reif Larsen, Extremely loud and incredibly close by Jonathan Safran Foer,  The power of one by Bryce Courtney, The little prince  by De Saint Exupery etc.  Sometimes I wish my childhood was as proactive as these characthers.

I had a lot of stolen moments with this book.  I read in the loo. I read in front of the stove, I tried to read and stitch at the same time with disastrous results, and now that the book is finished I feel sort of ….like I’m missing a friend?

Luckily today I received a marvelous package in the mail from a dear friend and it contained among other things, these two books:

Tank Girl The movie: A novel!!! Yay (so now I have the video, the comic and the book! All I need is the doll- if there is a doll?)

The Garden of Bad dreams by Christopher Hope.  (Inside this book is the following quote:  Danger and delight grown on one stalk” Old English proverb.) love that

I’m looking forward to start reading again.

 I have done some work besides reading and trying to think of things to do and not doing the website and of course, staying sane…..

I have written a couple of proposals and am delighted that 2 of my pieces will be in a group show at the end of August…..which I will tell you more about at a later stage…..

I have been busy trying to finish some pieces and stitching like a mad woman…..

Talking about stitching….off I go

Erasing words

Art portfolio- my work

In 2011 I fell in love with erasing words in old books to create new meanings…

Lord of the lies- altered book

Lord of the lies- altered book

For my ‘Skeidingsangs’ exhibition in 2011, a friend gave me the delightful book: Woman wedlock and the world.

2012-12-29 12;07;03 AM 2012-12-29 12;07;09 AM 2012-12-29 12;07;14 AM

I wanted to do something special with this book…

Recently I decided to rekindle the love for taking words away in order for new meanings to surface.

2012-12-29 12;07;20 AM

A few weeks ago I read that there is actually a term for what I like doing: Erasure poetry.

If you are interested in this kind of poetry I also suggest to read more about it here

“To erase is to write, style is the consequence of a writer’s omissions, and the writer is always plural.  To erase is to leave something else behind.”   This quote is from the gwarlingo blog. (I can highly recommend this aforementioned site- a delight!)

So I’m posting an erased poem everyday on twitter….

erased poem

there will be 45 of them.

Having fun with words.

dragons eyes

Art portfolio- my work

I received a delightful parcel from a dear friend via snail mail the other day, it contained this lovely book:

“The ass saw the angel” by Nick Cave

I have read it while I was still at school, since our library had a copy, but then the cover looked different.

I like this cover more.

Can’t wait to revisit the book again, since I love the work by Nick Cave (and his music of course), but first I have to finish reading “Die plaag”.

At bedtime we are currently reading this book:

“Die draak skilder”/ The dragon painter- retold by Rosie Dickins

Since my son decided that he likes dragons as well as tractors.

This is an traditional Chinese story retold by Rosie Dickins and In the end note it says that even today the people in China says that they “are painting the dragons eyes” to describe the act of adding the last paint strokes before a painting is finished.  I love that.

Yesterday E made this drawing of a dragon:

but was very disappointed that his dragon didn’t come alive when he drew the eyes.  It was a tough one to explain!

The preparations for my exhibition at the end of September are coming along nicely, but I am still far from ‘painting the dragon’s eyes”.