why i like September….

Art portfolio- my work

Yesterday we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary:


Like good wine the years together are just getting better and better.

This is also the month in which Spring is supposed to show itself.  I can see glimpses of it in our garden, but two days ago there was some snow spotted close to Ceres. Strange weather patterns?

Two years ago round about this time I started with the Lobotoy-me project. This month I received some nice orders for the Lobotoy-me toys, which I am very grateful for, and which enabled me to make a donation again to the anti- Rhino poaching fund!

lobotoy-me toys

Toys hand-made from inner tubes.

This is super cool since the 22nd of September is World Rhino day!

Art wise my work is progressing nicely for the Morality Monkeys group show next month – which I will tell you about at a later stage.

A fellow artist, curator and friend of mine, Neil Nieuwoudt, is working on a catalogue for me, of my recent work!  You can see an example of his work here!  This was a catalogue he did for an artist Bronwyn Lace. I think Neil is very talented and I am super excited and cannot wait to see the end result!

The only negative thing about this month September is the coughs and sneezes I am struggling with.   Can this be due to the changing of the season?

I hope you have enjoyed the month of September so far?!


Art portfolio- my work

The snow must still melt in my mind, but in hot Karoo weather like we’ve been having lately, it would be very difficult for snow to last more than 2 seconds!

So I decided to take a break during my blogging holiday to share and update what is happening with my Lobotoy-me project.  I have been and still am busy with a couple of orders:

First up was an order for handbags- done and sent


Then a small order for some ‘animals’


and now finished the stitching and started the stuffing part for an order of 20 animals.


I wish I had a production team since it is school holidays so the kids want me to help search for spiders, frogs and beetles in the garden (that’s the latest fascination)- and i wouldn’t mind…

besides that= the muse came for some tea….leaving me with an urge to get back to some of my other projects which i will share at a later stage,

and with Christmas around the corner some handmade gifts need to be made as well….

so to get me in the spirit of Christmas and giving I decided to give away a Giraffe to someone….

all you need to do is leave a comment before the 22nd.  On the that day I will announce the new owner of a Lobotoy-me Giraffe


Over the moon!

Art portfolio- my work

January sure has been a very exciting month so far!

Not so long ago I received the wonderful news that my project: Lobotoy-me has won me a trip to this years Design Indaba.  Then I was informed that two rhino’s from Lobotoy-me’s collection will be included in the CCDI’s handmade collection which will be showcased at the Design Indaba 2012!

Recently I received an e-mail which stated that my exhibition “Skeidingsangs” at the KKNK 2011 was nominated for a Fiesta award in the category for best achievement in visual art.  That is why I am over the moon! I am bouncing off the clouds!

A friend once said that if you want something really bad, just ask for it and then forget about it.  I always yearned for such  recognition as above, but lately I have been so preoccupied that I forgot about that part of my ambition, until now.

Last year I received “The book of laughter and forgetting” by Milan Kundera from another dear friend.  I started reading it about a week ago.  Somehow I feel that everything is interconnected.  In this book I read about ‘Rhinoceros’ a play by Eugene Ionesco.  I never knew about it – my curiosity is triggered!  Especially since I read on Wikipedia that it belongs to the school of drama known as the ‘theatre of the absurd’, and according to the source it “explores the themes of conformity, culture, mass movements, philosophy and morality.”  Yum.

To return to the matter of laughter and forgetting-

I   will leave you with a quote from this book:

“…, laughter has no object; it is an expression of being rejoicing at being.  When moaning a person chains himself to immediate resent of his suffering body (and lies completely outside past and future), and in this ecstatic laughter he loses all memory, all desire, cries out to the immediate present of the world, and needs no other knowledge.”


p.s the text in the image above comes from the book: ” Sexing the cherry” by Jeanette Winterson



Art portfolio- my work

” One learns more from a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”  Plato

I couldn’t agree more! I love playing-  and always will.  It gets more difficult the older one gets, but luckily with two little ones- one are constantly reminded about the importance of play.

So recently I did a window display (my first!) for a shop called Mega Plastics.  The brief: To use any products from their shop.  Thats it.  How nice to have so much freedom! Unfortunately I had self inflicted time constraints –

Inspired by “The birth of Venus”, summer and plastic= I arrived at this look:

Had so much fun playing!

I find myself getting so wrapped up in daily life an responsibilities, that I have to teach and remind myself to play a little.  The more I play the better I get at it.- and find myself feeling more and more creative!

My Lobotoy-me project is coming along nicely.  Hopefully soon I will have a bit more time to start drawing again- since I really miss the feel of paper these days.  But for now I am still having fun making toys from inner tubes.  Recently I got a request to make a giraffe.  I’ve got a friend that goes ga ga over giraffes.

The same friend send me some books the other day:  Boating for beginners by Jeanette Winterson. (one of my favourite authors)  And coincidentally? the story has something to do with Noah’s Ark (or not?)  Talking about Noah’s Ark- 15 toys are at the COP17 in Durban….as part of the CCDI’s exhibition also called Noah’s ark.

I love connecting the dots!

Anyway this year is almost over…..So I’ll try to slow down a bit…..



Art portfolio- my work

My new project! Its not fine art..

is it craft?

well I enjoy it and its fun….kids love it.  The medium is amazing.  Its taking up most of my time (between cooking, cleaning, kids, loving and blogging) and it might just be able to put bread and butter on the table, since the bloody art world in South Africa is so unstable.

So off to a great photographer called Melanie Mare (www.melaniemphotography.co.za) we went….and this is what the photos look like.

I started a new blog for them: www.lobotoy-me.blogspot.com,

but I will still keep this blog going with some (m)otherwise thoughts and new work.  I will keep on working in my sketchbooks and artist books and small drawings while I search for that masterpiece/s….mister time and sister muse.


Watch this space for some great South African artists whose work deals with the mother and child theme….

I’ll keep you posted!