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“Octopuses are clever animals that can learn and remember things.”


“A female octopus lays strings of eggs and hangs them from the roof of her house.  She keeps the eggs clean and guards them so carefully that she does not have time to eat.  After about 6 weeks the eggs hatch into tiny octopuses and soon afterwards the female octopus dies of starvation.”

p18 from Ocean – The living world.

I have been quite intrigued with octopuses lately.  We were lucky enough to see a live one at the beach between the rocks the other day.  We caught it with a net, put it in a bucket and looked at it.  We also let it suck our fingers. The children including me loved it. After we had a good look, we put it back.

When I have a patron someday I would like to make a huge octopus out of steel, bronze or maybe rubber.

Yes the above statement is inspired by Louise Bourgeois’s Maman


Isn’t it absolutely amazing? Who wouldn’t be inspired?

But whereas she found a connection with spiders (i like them too), my affinity lies with octopuses – maybe because I think that that is the ultimate symbol for motherhood, albeit not a very healthy one.