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I’ve recently finished reading the book “Elephantoms” By Lyall Watson and found a beautiful story inside; and since it is the time of the “Supermoon” (read more here) I thought I’ll share it with you:

“The moon is not to be laughed at.  In Khoisan folklore, the moon is alive and never dies.  It grows large and disappears, but is always born again, coming back small in a matter of days.  Unlike the Sun, which never changes and is unapproachable, we can talk to the moon and ask for anything.  Children, rain, luck in the hunt.  And the moon answers, sending a moth in reply, carrying good news if it comes to the fire.

But don’t mention the hare.

Once, it is said, the moon ordered a fleet hare to carry a message to send to the people.  The news that we like the moon itself would never die, but rise again.

Such tidings were too important to entrust to a moth, so the moon ordered a fleet hare to carry the message.  He did, but having such a short attention span, he got it all turned about in his head.  He said that people who die would never rise again.  They were completely finished forever….and so was the hare.

Hare today...gone tomorrow

Hare today…gone tomorrow (private collection)

When the moon discovered his mistake, it heated a stone in the fire of the Sun, held the hare down and burnt his mouth, leaving a permanent scar and split upper lip.  And condemned it to dance madly whenever the moon was full in the sky.

Which is why those who know also greet the full moon, making it welcome, shouting praise for blessings granted, dancing well in the hope that it might send the good news again, in safer hands.  A porcupine perhaps.’

p70 Elephantoms – Lyall Watson