My Bliss Body – an experiment

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I would like to tell you about an experiment:

At the end of August 2020 I received an unexpected email from the PR manager of an international brand “Blissbody”, saying: “We came across your Instagram profile “hannalie.t”, and LOVE your style. We’d love to have you as one of our Brand Ambassadors. To celebrate our new Sportivo collection, we want to give you a FREE pair of leggings so you can post a picture of you wearing them and drive more exposure to our brand.  Being an Ambassador will also get you commission from the sponsored post(s)! An easy way of making money with Instagram! I’ll leave below some key points:…”

Yours truly wearing Bliss Body leggings with my artwork in the background titled: “Little masochist”.

At first I was very sceptic, because one has to be it feels these days, since news about scams are all over, which makes it very hard to trust people. But I decided to do some research into this brand before making assumptions. I had a thorough look at their Instagram account and their website. Wondering why have they ‘chosen’ me based on my Instagram:

 I don’t really have anything in common with their brand, perhaps just ‘yoga’ but I don’t post pictures of myself doing yoga – I’m way to sensitive about my body especially after picking up so much lockdown-weigh AND I stopped smoking- which only makes me want to nibble all the time. 

Personally I don’t spend that much on my ‘outfit’ – yes I love wearing leggings underneath my thrift-store dresses, but theirs is quite expensive when translated to Rand.”

But if one day I do decide to become brand conscious, I could get 40% if I agree to become an Ambassador by just paying for the shipping, then take a photo of myself wearing it and post it to Instagram. Sounds easy enough, but the shipping from the UK alone would basically be the price of 2 pairs of leggings from Mr Price in S.A, and I know that I cannot possibly do the same type of photo which normally are associated with their hashtags, but ok…I’m game to see if this is legit.  (worst case scenario= I won’t be able to buy 2 pairs of leggings for a while, or best case scenario I could score a pair of possibly very fancy leggings, and it would give me some insight into the life of an ‘ambassador’ – which makes me wonder if it is almost the same as an “influencer”.  I mean, how hard can it be?  

“Expanding your idea of what an influencer is, is so important,” Sherman said. “Because it’s everyone. It sounds very philosophical, but it’s just so true.”

I found the quote above from a very interesting article on the National Retail Federation’s website –

In the end I did learn from the same article why brands like Blissbody ask people to be ambassadors for their products:

Powell added a quick list of actionable takeaways: Invest in influencer marketing; diversify your brand’s use of social platforms; remember that it’s about creating community; and invest in digital workflow. She believes 2021 will be about relationships: “Healing, mending, moving into the future together,” she said. “See your influencer partners as that.”

After some deliberation with my husband and friends, I did pay the shipping costs. After about 2 months I wrote them and email to say I haven’t received my leggings yet. I received a very quick and  courteous reply:

We have checked your account and we saw that your order has been shipped, but we are unable to provide a tracking number because a number of packages are experiencing delayed or missing tracking information at the moment. Your package may take a few more weeks to arrive because the Coronavirus outbreak is slowing down postal services globally. We seek your kind understanding and patience regarding this matter.

Eventually I gave up and haven’t bought any leggings since then but today I received word from the post office that a parcel arrived!

So….Starting the weekend with a new pair of leggings. “Thank you MyBlissBody for sending me these adorable leggings! Get teh for 15% off using my code hannalie.t15”

Would I do it again, you may ask….no I don’t think so.

Well, maaaayyyybbeee…..only if it is for alternative footwear next time;-)

Rubber ever after – from the beginning

Art portfolio- my work

from the festival newspaper: die Krit

from the festival newspaper: die Krit

POSTERS:   While working on this exhibition I decided to print only 5 posters since the town of Oudtshoorn are annually bombarded with posters from a wide variety of productions.  I also didn’t want to leave a paper trail.

Exhibition poster designed by Kia Hattingh

Exhibition poster designed by Kia Hattingh

OUTFITS:  Since I love ‘dressing up’ I used what I had available in my closet:  lovely vintage dresses (mostly gifts from friends who knows me well) gloves, wigs, feather boas, hats and face paint.  We stayed during the festival quite a distance from the exhibition venue, but I wanted to walk every morning each day dressed up differently – I wanted to be a walking poster:

DAY 1:  le freak

day1 le freak

DAY2:  the princess

day2 princess

DAY3:  the soldier

day3 soldier

DAY4: the witch

day4 witch

DAY5:  goldilocks was actually a mouse

day5 goldilocks was a mouse

DAY6:  the blown up rubber doll

day6 the rubber doll

DAY7:  the clown

day7 the clown

and for the final day: Until death do us part:

day8 till death do us part

While walking around I handed out some cookies, and these cookies were given to all that entered my rubber kingdom (venue) which made it easier for me to start a conversation.

COOKIES: Initially I wanted fortune cookies with the words:  “Your dearest wish will soon come true, or not, it’s only up to you”.   These words was inspired by a real fortune cookie that I bought on my way to my first solo exhibition:  Siembamba, let’s play pretend” in Cape Town 2004.

page from my visual diary 2004

page from my visual diary 2004

I contacted a chef at a local restaurant, we decided that fortune cookies or toffee apples are way too intensive for this project at this stage and in the end we decided on red star shaped cookies (almost like a wishing star).


THE VENUE:  The red colour of the cookie linked nicely with the red carpet I rolled out each morning and the red of the rocking chairs.  Red carpets, rocking chairs and the ticking of a grandfather clock remind me of fairytales. I had a bit of a hiccup since I couldn’t find a real grandfather clock, but luckily a computer whizz at the local DVD rental shop gave me a cd with the sound.  So every hour the visitors was greeted with a DONG!

I never imagined the positively enthusiastic response I would get from the above, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute!  I’ll post some installation photos a bit later.  Watch this space for details.