Almost end of the year studio update (2014)

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Summer is knocking on my door, but its not hot enough to go to the beach or swim everyday – yet.  In the mean time a lot has happened and are happening. Here is a short round up of what’s up:

*My rubber dress is finished! Yay! a dream come true…thanks to some friends who helped my dream see daylight- here is a sneak preview:



now I only have to figure out when to wear it for the first time…. 

o and I made some goggles (still in progress) from an old tea-sieve and rubber:


just for fun! 

*The awesome folks of the Jung Katz published an interview with me! You can read it here

The most difficult question to answer was the “What is your dream project”, since in retrospect I think the answer is that my dream project is the one I’m currently working on…but then again we talk about dreams and I wonder: What would be the best thing that could happen to an artist in his/her art career. The highest achievement? Would that be to be invited to a biennial?

*There was a second walk about at Nirox sculpture park on the 22nd due to the group exhibition Play currently on exhibition there..I hope it was a playful affair…unfortunately I havent received any photos of someone accepting my ‘dare’ so dont know if people wanted to interact with the work.  The exhibition is running until the 30th of December 2014…I still dare you to go and play 😉

* a Mega Mash-up at the Alex Hamilton Art studio in Woodstock Cape Town opens today:


check out the fb event for some images of the works on display: here

*Excited that my work “(k)not so elegant” is featured in this months issue of the House and Leisure magazine courtesy of Yanni Vosloo:


During December 2 different group shows opens in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth.

*”End Sheet” opens on the 2nd of December at ArtEC.

 Reading a book is by no means a linear retracing of its author’s intentions but rather an interpretative appropriation of the text, which produces a different text in the mind of each reader, the last page holds a revolutionary event: the constant dialogue between author and reader.
The words read interweave, wrap themselves in the feelings, the experiences and knowledge of the reader, a mesh of two worlds that forms and opens new imaginary spaces. Are there interfaces, overlays or points of the world of the reader with the world of the author, enabling the formation of a new reality?

More about this at a later stage!

*The group show: “Here be dragons” opens on the 10th of December at the Underculture Contemporary gallery in Port Elizabeth. I will tell you more about this at a later stage, but all I can say is that I’m very excited to have work included in this show, since Dragons have a huge presence in our house- my 2 boys adore those reptilian creatures….and yes, you’ve guessed it, we watch “how to train my dragon” over and over and over….

*meanwhile I am stitching away every possible moment I can due to preperations for my solo exhibition on the 10th of February 2015 at the Erdmann contemporary gallery in Cape Town!!

cross my heart

Please safe the date- hope to see you there.

So as you can guess, I dont have much time to read, but luckily a dear friend made me aware of some excellent documentaries, which I watch and listen to while I stitch.  I especially enjoyed the Andy Warhol documentary and then this one:


November/December update

Art portfolio- my work, Studio news/blog
Mega Mash-up invitation

Mega Mash-up invitation

A lot has been happening and is in the process of happening.  I am delighted to invite you to two group shows in which I am participating.  See invite above; and then this one:

ZOO invitation

ZOO invitation

So in December I will find myself in some good company approximately 1400 Km’s apart! If you are in Cape Town or Johannesburg area, please pop in!

Apart from this I am also preparing for my solo show

work in progress

work in progress

at next year’s KKNK (Klein Karoo National Arts Festival) but more about this at a later stage!

Otherwise I’ve been reading Zoo City by Lauren Beukes, which was very appropriate in lieu to the Zoo exhibition.  I can highly recommend this book for your reading pleasure.

Currently I am reading The Sistine Secrets.  I am only on page 49 but  it is captivating to say the least!  The Vatican is a very strange place. In contrast to this I am listening to the music of Erik Satie. Why I say contrast is because apparently he started his own church of which he was the sole member, compared to the Vatican!

I am also listening to Diamanda Galas again, and in the cd cover I read that

 “On December 10, 1989 Diamanda Galas was arrested with ACT UP at St. Patrick’s Cathedral for disorderly conduct, disrupting a religious service, resisting arrest, and criminal trespass.  On October 12-13, 1990 she performed the Plague Mass at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the second largest cathedral in the world……”

Animals, The Church and Superheroes -truely a Mash-up-  is what I should have titled this blog, but anyway

I am browsing through my husbands marvel comic books since a dear friend’s 40th birthday is around the corner and he requested a superhero on rubber!

batman on rubber

batman on rubber

Back to work and I’ll leave you with this beautiful quote:

“Artistic Geniuses often produced their greatest works when they incorporated concealed meanings in their masterpieces.”