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The first time I heard Pink Floyd’s music was when I was 17. (that was a year before my mother passed away)

one of the pieces that will be part of the “Angels Tears” exhibition which opens early December at Grande Provence gallery

I was working as a waitress in an Italian Restaurant, and the owner played me a song which went like this…

Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar,
You’re gonna go far,
You’re gonna fly high,
You’re never gonna die,
You’re gonna make it if you try…

Steve, wherever you are now, thank you for introducing me to Pink Floyd!

Talking about Pink Floyd…

Amanda Palmer recently did a Pink Floyd cover called “Mother” (link) which really resonated with me. It’s like a lullaby for our troubled times.

“People have said that lullabies are the space to sing the unsung,” Pettit said. “A place to say the unsay-able. You’re alone. Nobody is listening, and you can express the feelings that are not okay to express in society.”

Thank you Amanda for having ‘balls’ to sing the unsung, to say the unsay-able … also

“There is no… attempt to threaten, frighten or construct a scene,” Lorca said, “only to thrust the child into the song, alone and unarmed, a little knight defenseless against his mother’s reality.”


Being a mother myself raising 2 boys, living in a world where (and I quote Kevin from Twitter).. “there is no shortage of infantile man-child’s running countries at the moment”

this mama doesn’t want all your nightmares come true..

this mama doesn’t want to put all her fears into you…

Mama wants you to fly, sing and dream..to climb over all the walls..

Another one for the ‘Angels Tears’ exhibition opening soon at Gallery Grande Provence

anyway….so my friend Lavender Fishoek recently told me about the story of David Blaine and his mother…she said it reminded her of me and my boys…WOW…seriously!!? this is the best compliment anyone has given me recently. But also an eye-opener and reminder, because I must admit, that after watching the interview, I realized that the older my boys get, the less I do things like that with them anymore…to really be in the moment-to go search for ‘King Kong’.


The story goes:

“One time I was walking through the park. And I was late. And she (his mother) was walking me before she had to go to work. And I was like: “Mom look! There is King Kong!” and instead of her saying: “No, no, we’re late, let’s go..” She said: “Where?”

So we walked all the way over and it was just a log.

But the idea that she let me imagine and believe and didn’t want to stifle that – that is what made her so incredible” – David Blaine

You can watch the full interview (which is very insightful about many things including fears and some advice from Mike Tyson) here 

On that note…goodnight friends. Sweet dreams

P.S recent earworm:  Mutter


Let us not forget that the fundamental object of the lullaby is to put the child that is not sleepy, to sleep. They are songs for the hours and moments when the child feels like playing. In Tamames they sing:

Sleep, sleep, my child,

I have things to do,

wash your clothes

sit me down to sew.








Today is bittersweet

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Bets Taute and the dinosaurs

Bets Taute and the dinosaurs

Today the 16th of January would have been my mother’s birthday.  If she survived the car crash 19 years ago, she would have been 59.

I wish I could share the news with her that I have been nominated for a KykNet Fiesta 2015 award for my exhibition: Rubber ever after in the category for:” Best accomplishment in Visual Art”!!!!

This announcement was made last night: see here: http://kyknet.dstv.com/2015/01/15/vyfde-kyknet-fiestas-gaan-groot/

I am honoured to be nominated alongside fellow artists: Diek Grobler, Gerhard Marx and The Little Marionette Company!

So yes, today is kind of bittersweet …..but thanks for letting me share it with you.


in memoriam…

Art portfolio- my work
Elizabeth Catharina Taute 16/01/1958- 04/01/1996

Elizabeth Catharina Taute 16/01/1958- 04/01/1996


1.  She opened up a florist when I was in primary school.  Don’t know how long it lasted.  She had photos of her ‘flower arrangements’ I never paid attention.  I wish I did.  I don’t know what happened to the photos.

2.  She could start a conversation with anybody.  Even when we stood in line at the grocer.  It used to irritate me.

3.  She once made a rug with wool.  I remember it to be red, brown and beige ( I didn’t like the colours).  I think she made it while pregnant with my brother.

4.  She dislike spending time in the kitchen, but her seafood and pea pasta was my favourite.

5.  She took us to a glass factory once.  I wish I paid more attention.

6.  She loved to read, (especially this Afrikaans love story type books for example like those written by Ena Murray).

7.  She enjoyed the music of BZN and Carike Keuzenkamp.

8.  She had two porcelain front teeth.

9.  She loved animals.

Elizabeth Catharina (Betsie) Taute born 16 January 1958 died 4 January 1996.  (18 years ago. I was 19.  Here's a photo of her pregnant with me.

Elizabeth Catharina (Betsie) Taute born 16 January 1958 died 4 January 1996. (18 years ago. I was 18. Here’s a photo of her pregnant with me.


1.  What made her fall in love with my dad?

2.  They married when they were very youngh.  In retrospect how would she feel about it?

3.  How did she experience motherhood?

4.  What would she be like as a grandmother to my children?

5.  If she was happily married before the knowledge of ……

6.  How would she and my mother in law get along?

7.  What would she think about my art?

8.  Would I be the same person if she died later and under other circumstances?

9.  She believed in setting goals.  I wonder if she would have felt that she reached her ‘goal’ before she died.