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“And, as in uffish thought he stood,

The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,

Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,

And burbled as it came!”

-Lewis Carroll, 1872

from the poem titled Jabberwocky, which is currently my son Stephan’s favourite poem, especially when his dad reads it to him with a Scotttish accent.

He sees monsters everywhere detail

Initially my eldest son, inspired this work, because he used to see ‘monsters’ everywhere. He is quite tall for his age, thus looks older than he is, and he doesn’t like sleeping.  He is also blessed with a vivid imagination.

I am constantly amazed how two children from the same household can be so different from each other. Where Etienne is sensitive and fearful, his brother Stephan fierce and a handful. I say this in the most loving and respectful way. I love them both in every-way.

He sees monsters everywhere 2016

please, pleasing, not a pleasure

Art portfolio- my work

I have a confession.

I am a pleaser.

I want to please my children.

I want to please my husband.

I want to please friends.

I want to please Art.

I want to please myself.

Why do I seem to always put my own pleasure last?

Here is an example of what happens when you want to please….

I wanted to work and stitch on a piece of rubber, but instead I took E (my 5year old son) fishing… because he kept nagging me to.  I struggled to put on the bait correctly.  Then I tried to juggle E and his brothers fishing rods.  At the end we had to go home because it was getting dark and I had to prepare dinner.  The fishing trip ended in tears because we didn’t manage to catch anything.  So what should have been a pleasing experience ended up not being pleasurable.

Note to self: Please Pleaser stop pleasing!



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“Octopuses are clever animals that can learn and remember things.”


“A female octopus lays strings of eggs and hangs them from the roof of her house.  She keeps the eggs clean and guards them so carefully that she does not have time to eat.  After about 6 weeks the eggs hatch into tiny octopuses and soon afterwards the female octopus dies of starvation.”

p18 from Ocean – The living world.

I have been quite intrigued with octopuses lately.  We were lucky enough to see a live one at the beach between the rocks the other day.  We caught it with a net, put it in a bucket and looked at it.  We also let it suck our fingers. The children including me loved it. After we had a good look, we put it back.

When I have a patron someday I would like to make a huge octopus out of steel, bronze or maybe rubber.

Yes the above statement is inspired by Louise Bourgeois’s Maman


Isn’t it absolutely amazing? Who wouldn’t be inspired?

But whereas she found a connection with spiders (i like them too), my affinity lies with octopuses – maybe because I think that that is the ultimate symbol for motherhood, albeit not a very healthy one.

Art portfolio- my work

This is the first time I reblog something. This wonderful piece above from the little brown mushroom blog really resonated with me yesterday. I was so relieved to read that I am not the only art mom struggling to find time and balance (especially with pending orders, deadlines, opportunities to give attention to and 2 little boys who constantly wants mommy’s attention as well, {especially since it is school holidays and rainy weather}), and that my guilt trips and frustrations are shared by so many other art-moms out there. It can be done- I will just try harder.

Luckily I also stumbled upon this great words by John Cage today:

““Our intention is to affirm this life, not to bring order out of chaos, nor to suggest improvements in creation, but simply to wake up to the very life we’re living, which is so excellent once one gets one’s mind and desires out of its way and lets it act of it’s own accord.”

It made my ‘heavy boots’ feel lighter!


‘mother and child- still in progress


Carrie ThompsonWhen I was pregnant I had a studio visit with Lorna Simpson. She is a mother, so I asked her for advice. I wanted to know what I should do before I have my baby. What would be the challenges for me when I become a mother? She said that since I had been working on two projects dealing with family history, including a trip to Japan that directly preceded my son’s birth, I should write down the narratives of those photos. She said I had to do this before my child was born. She repeated the advice a few times. I didn’t listen. I didn’t write the stories. I should have. When my son was born everything changed. My extra time disappeared. Making work slowed way down. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the challenges of balancing motherhood with a career as an artist. …

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