Winter Update (studio news)

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Whew, since we last spoke, I decided to embrace change!

My studio is my happy place

Studio view (photographer Kleinjan Groenewald)

so I will focus on that and use my time and space wisely. But since it is school holidays, I aim to go out and have fun with my boys too!

Normally winter is for hibernating, but I feel relieved that I finally got around to sort the files on the computer, re-arrange the studio, and to meet up with a professional photographer to document my work…

Above is Kleinjan Groenewald in action. He can do magic with light, and agreed to document my work at my house in Stilbaai…all the way form Cape Town. I met him through a mutual friend and then things just happened from there., but I think it was fate…anyway, You can also check out his other work at:

So with new photos of most recent work…I started to update my website!

It is still a work in progress. I decided to have less labels and to upload the more recent work. In the future I would like to add a section for ‘installation images’ as well. I am open to comments, suggestions, criticism and feedback.

The line-up with regards to exhibitions is very exciting until October this year, and I hope to keep you up to date with good quality images.

best wishes until we speak again.




Studio news/blog

“I never was the fantasy * of what you want * wanted me to be”

photographer: Robert Hamblin

photographer: Robert Hamblin


Words from a song by Tori Amos called “Playboy Mommy

Photograph taken by Robert Hamblin (He has an exhibition called: “Daughter.Language” coming up soon see here)

Stuff it

Studio news/blog

Despite my dramatic and emotional start to the week, things took a  turn for the best when the postman arrived with a parcel containing this work:

Artwork by Carole Desbois

Artwork by Carole Desbois

The above work by Carole Desbois is part of her ongoing ‘Stuff it’ series (Beyond animal, photo numerique, Leica D-Lux 5)

As some of you know, I have a soft spot for tortoises and turtles.  (At one point I considered them my ‘totem-animals’).  After reading the book Zoo City I also decided that if I ever get animalled, then I hope that it will be with a tortoise!

I am looking forward to having the work framed!

If you are keen to see and read more about Carole Desbois, then go here.


Things that crossed my path recently

Studio news/blog

I am so glad a friend introduced me to Junxtapoz Magazine’s page (see here).

It was on their page that i found the following things that made me excited:

1.  The work of Ed Fairburn (because I have a soft spot for maps)- see the link here

Ed Fairburn's work

Ed Fairburn’s work

2.  Drawings of beautiful fairytale like creatures by Nicholas Di Genova (see link here)

Work by Nicholas Di Genova

Work by Nicholas Di Genova

I really like this creature because it combines two of my favourite animals!

3.  And then of course this doll- because I love dolls- not in that way, but this link made me feel kind of sorry for them:

Work by Jason Lee

Work by Jason Lee

but maybe i shouldn’t worry about them, because they will be loved in some way or another- right?