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"Wie die laaste lag, lag die lekkerste" Cotton thread, rubber and vintage photograph 26 x 22 cm

“Wie die laaste lag, lag die lekkerste” Cotton thread, rubber and vintage photograph 26 x 22 cm

“Cebes laughed.  Suppose we are afraid, Socrates, he said….

Probably even in us there is a little boy who has these childish terrors.  Try to persuade him not to be afraid of death as though it were a bogey.

What you should do, said Socrates, is to say a magic spell over him every day until you have charmed his fears away.

But, Socrates, said Simonias, where can we find a magician who understands these spells now that you….are leaving us?

Greece is a large country, Cebes, he replied.

-Plato, Phaedo



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” One learns more from a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”  Plato

I couldn’t agree more! I love playing-  and always will.  It gets more difficult the older one gets, but luckily with two little ones- one are constantly reminded about the importance of play.

So recently I did a window display (my first!) for a shop called Mega Plastics.  The brief: To use any products from their shop.  Thats it.  How nice to have so much freedom! Unfortunately I had self inflicted time constraints –

Inspired by “The birth of Venus”, summer and plastic= I arrived at this look:

Had so much fun playing!

I find myself getting so wrapped up in daily life an responsibilities, that I have to teach and remind myself to play a little.  The more I play the better I get at it.- and find myself feeling more and more creative!

My Lobotoy-me project is coming along nicely.  Hopefully soon I will have a bit more time to start drawing again- since I really miss the feel of paper these days.  But for now I am still having fun making toys from inner tubes.  Recently I got a request to make a giraffe.  I’ve got a friend that goes ga ga over giraffes.

The same friend send me some books the other day:  Boating for beginners by Jeanette Winterson. (one of my favourite authors)  And coincidentally? the story has something to do with Noah’s Ark (or not?)  Talking about Noah’s Ark- 15 toys are at the COP17 in Durban….as part of the CCDI’s exhibition also called Noah’s ark.

I love connecting the dots!

Anyway this year is almost over…..So I’ll try to slow down a bit…..