Auntie Virus and Co. re: Art Auction

Art portfolio- my work

Auntie Virus, 460 x 310 mm ink, pastel, board, cotton thread, rubber 2019 Hannalie Taute

Greetings from this ‘stranger in a strange land’ and it seems to just get stranger by the minute!

As you’ve probably heard, a lot of events have been cancelled due to the pandemic we face. I am in the process of producing work for upcoming exhibitions in April, May, July and August, but with uncertainty breathing down our necks we don’t know if these exhibitions will be cancelled or not.

She always wanted to be a bad girl 92 x 64 cm cotton thread and rubber 2018

With that said, Karen Zoid (South African rock singer, songwriter, guitarist, composer, talk show host and patron of the arts) launched an online “Art Auction” on her Facebook page yesterday.

Some of my works (featured here- are included in this ‘online – experiment.)

While I’m not an active Facebook user myself, I am able to send you a link:

You can check out the auction here:

The bidding closes today 18 March 2020 at 20h00 – South African time)

The bids started at ZAR19 only! Yes, serious.! Now a lot of people might frown upon this because “what about ‘market price’ and unrealistic bids on the stature of the artist” but this train of thought reminded me about the ‘outsider’ artist Scottie Wilson who

  After receiving recognition for his work in Toronto, he abruptly went to London in 1945 and continued to exhibit his drawings for modest fees  Wilson’s rejection of commercialism was unabated, however, and he continued to sell his work on the street for a minute fraction of the prices the gallery owners were asking. He said of the working-class customers he attracted, “They’re the intellect, you know”


“Though conventional art galleries were taking interest in selling Wilson’s work, he wasn’t always fond of parting with his drawings. He would at times rent out vacant store fronts to display his pictures, or hang them in a bus, but not necessarily to sell. Instead, Wilson would charge admission for looking at his work, challenging anyone to find anything else like it in the world.”

Is it a good idea? Who knows. Nothing seems certain anymore.

In the meantime I baked my first bread from scratch yesterday, and that made me feel very happy. Also I will continue to create embroideries and I plan to spend more time in the garden to grow our own food. Should I be teaching my sons the art of survival instead of worrying about the schools that are closing for a longer period?  If push come to shove…should we be prepared to survive like Bear Grylls?

Just asking.

But there are still bills to be paid for now, so the show must go on somehow!

Remember to sleep with your eyes open 2016 (photographer Kleinjan Groenewald)

You snooze you loose, but lets hope its not a sneeze 😉 because this might just be a favorable time to start your art collection. ❤

“Support for the arts — merde! A government-supported artist is an incompetent whore!”
― Robert A. Heinlein, from the book “Stranger in a strange land”

Here is some advice to the art sector from an art website (*):

To help you continue to sell art during this time, here is a list of things you can do to serve collectors as best you can:

    • If you cannot accept shipped artworks at this time, please let us know
  • manage collector expectations about shipping times.

Many artists, patrons and art institutions are personally affected by this crisis.

The world needs art more than ever, so in the meantime, collectors are encouraged to continue supporting the art sector.  It will keep artists going during these challenging times. We’re so grateful for each of you.

Stay safe and well!

*P.S one gallery that is still up and running is .MContemporary in Australia and they are open for viewing….see previous posts or contact them for a full catalogue!



Flashback and Forward Friday

Studio news/blog

Me, on this day, back in 2002… a bride to be. Photographer Ruline Spies

The more I think about it, the more every exhibition opening, or the anticipation of it, reminds me of my wedding day; because on that day, one invites eyewitnesses to take note of what you’ve done, or what is about to come. It also celebrates new beginnings, or happy endings….

I am looking forward to see and meet you at the following upcoming exhibitions:

22 and 23 September 2018: In Baardskeerders Bos Art Route


03 October 2018: “Minutes to Midnight” a solo exhibition at 99 Loop gallery, in Cape Town


April foolishness (with quotes and pictures)

Studio news/blog

admin day – sketchbook – mood

“I don’t know why people are so keen to put details of their private life in public; they forget that invisibility is a superpower” Banksy

About the weekend at an art festival- searching for an ostrich, but instead came face to face with a penguin and Jonathan Livingston seagull 😉

a ‘groupie’ moment with legend Valliant Swart

“There is a child inside me that wants to come out and do something to surprise all the adults” Philippe Petit


“Stop a moment, cease your work. Look around you” Leo Tolstoy

building ships with my boys in “Minecraft” because it is school holiday

“Without great solitude no serious work is possible” Pablo Picasso

So off I go to:

“Unclog your mind. Unclog your room. Arrange your room in a way you wish your mind would be” Yoko Ono


Studio news/blog

After 2 solo exhibitions, back to back, I am finding my feet in the studio again. Allowing myself some time to catch up on admin and the luxury to read (my reading list was getting way too long) :

“The smell of the sea pleased him so much that he wanted one day to take it in, pure and unadulterated, in such quantities that he could get drunk on it.

And later, when he learned from stories how large the sea is and that you can sail upon it in ships for days on end without ever seeing land, nothing pleased him more than the image of himself sitting high up in the crows nest…gliding through the endless smell of the sea” -Patrick Suskind

I also met Louise Gerryts recently (better known as Louise Leather here in Stilbaai). She demonstrated and let me use her clicker-press to cut my inner-tubes into squares to be stitched together for future ‘canvases” …

This tool is really a time-saving device…I managed to fill 2 x 10 liter buckets with rubber-squares in an hour…phew, now I only have to clean and polish the squares before “The Beach House” here in Stilbaai stitch it together for me….then I’ll start with some embroideries…looking forward!

…I am also allowing myself to play in my sketchbook/visual journal…doing mostly quick collage and ink experiments in any old book i can find…

This one above I did in an old empty diary from 2015…

What I really enjoyed recently was having some fun with my children- cutting up and gluing random things together..

“The more real you get, the more unreal the world gets” John Lennon

The exhibition :”Come hell or high water” endings on Saturday the 28th of October.

Early November I’ll share some exciting things happening in the next 2 months…2018 is around the corner…can you believe it?

For those of you celebrating Halloween – happy trick or treating! xx

decisions, decisions….

Art portfolio- my work

A lot of random and nostalgic thoughts have been buzzing in my head lately while I try to get my website up and running.

Firstly: I notice that a lot of high profile artists don’t have a website eg: William Kentridge, Wim Botha etc….they are signed with galleries and their work can only be seen on those.  So I ask myself, should I not bother and just try and get signed with a gallery?

Maybe I should just go ahead and enjoy the experience of trying to make my own site with the free website design programs available to one.  Why make a website in the fist place? Why do I write this blog? Why not make a Facebook page only?

Secondly:  Should I upload everything I ever did? Did my career start in art school? After art school? With my first exhibition ever? With my first gallery show? With my first solo show? With my first sale?

Did my vocation begin in pre-primary when my teacher told my parent that I cannot colour in properly? Did it start when I decided that art is what I want to do everyday of my life?

is less more, or is less a bore? (cant remember where i heart that phrase)

I am a late bloomer to technology and the internet.  I cannot recall when I sent my first e-mail, but it was probably 2004 ish….

While trying to decide which work to upload I was looking through this big Braille book which contain images of my work from 1998 to 2003.  I got this Braille book from the Institute for the blind in Pretoria in 2000.  This book is apparently the book of Matthews (from the Bible).  After all these years I still wonder if: one big book is one book from the Bible, how many make the whole Bible in Braille? Would it fill a room?

"Sy is....." wood and silkworm silk."  2002

“Sy is…..” wood and silkworm silk.” 2002

While paging through this book I realized that that was my website back in the day. It was the book I took along to my first meeting with a curator of a gallery. The book stop at images from 2004, so I guess that’s when I started to use the internet.

two versions of my portfolio

two versions of my portfolio

Anyway so I enjoyed looking at the work I made in the past.  Funny how one can see some ideas recurring in new work again…

like the use of found objects, doll parts/clothing and the facsination with Mythology, in

the toy like sculptures:

Melepomene: muse of tragedy. mixed media 2003

Melepomene: muse of tragedy. mixed media 2003

from the "Madam choose your personality" series 2004

from the “Madam choose your personality” series 2004

Chapter 9- Problems with the children: Toy #6. Mixed media and found objects. 2012

Chapter 9- Problems with the children: Toy #6. Mixed media and found objects. 2012

And works on paper like these ‘prints’ :


untitled prints and work on paper 2004

untitled prints and work on paper 2004

Things considered typically feminine: torture. Transfer print and found objects on fabriano paper. 2007

Things considered typically feminine: torture. Transfer print and found objects on fabriano paper. 2007

Pagina 7. Archival print on Archival paper. 2013

Pagina 7. Archival print on Archival paper. 2013

and of course dressmaking pattern paper:

Cutting edge series. 2004

Cutting edge series. 2004

Show and tell - The ugly duckling. Pattern paper and glue. 2009

Show and tell – The ugly duckling. Pattern paper and glue. 2009


Chapter 10 - A brief visit with father time: "Back in the day..." Dressmaking pattern paper and wool on board. 2012

Chapter 10 – A brief visit with father time: “Back in the day…” Dressmaking pattern paper and wool on board. 2012


also embroidery on objects/toys….

"My bokkie, my poppie, my chick...mixed media 2002

“My bokkie, my poppie, my chick…mixed media 2002

Miss-Understood. Altered polaroid and embroidery on linen. 2004

Miss-Understood. Altered polaroid and embroidery on linen. 2004

Woman is....(Embroidery on rubber) 2013

Woman is….(Embroidery on rubber) 2013


Should I upload some images from my art school days like these prints?  Its not that they are extraordinary but I still feel proud of them.

Litho print and colour etching 1998

Litho print and colour etching 1998

I also tend to destroy or rework old work:

Self portrait, (cement fondue) 1999

Self portrait, (cement fondue) 1999

The above bust, were recently transformed into this:

Currently still "Untitled" Embroidery and rubber. 2013

Currently still “Untitled” Embroidery and rubber. 2013

Sometimes I feel sad about those I destroy:

Fop series. I think 2005? (destroyed)

Fop series. I think 2005? (destroyed)

decisions…..decisions……I think I have decided to include these older pieces in my website, but before I do: any thoughts from you?

and while I try to decide, I stumble upon Pinterest….facinating, and dangerous.  I decided not to start my own Pins yet, I’ll rather browse those of others once in a while.  As you might have noticed: I am very fond of toys, and fell in love this pinboard (see here)

and of course collage and mixed media (see here)