She always wanted to be a bad girl

Art portfolio- my work
"She always wanted to be a bad girl" 2016 Cotton thread and rubber 92 x 65 cm

“She always wanted to be a bad girl” 2016 Cotton thread and rubber 92 x 65 cm

It’s true…since childhood I preferred the ‘bad guys’ in stories more that the good ones. Why?

Well, because they are funny, sometimes they try harder, even when ‘good’ are sure to win. I also find their characters more interesting- and nobody ‘likes’ them…I have a soft-spot for outcasts.

My brother used to have He-Man toys, and back in the day there was a whole television series about it. Skeletor wasn’t portrayed as being very clever….I guess that’s why I don’t find him scary.

Metamorphic humour, which seizes the objects of fear, like beasts, and turns them into something different, something reassuring and even desirable has been the most wildly and successfully adopted stratagem in the confrontation of fear.

Attitudes to scariness change over time…needless to say not everyone enjoys being scared. (from the book: No go the Bogeyman by Marina Warner