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“When one person stands up and says “WAIT A MINUTE, THIS IS WRONG,” it helps other people to do the same – Gloria Steinem.

The exhibition The Morality Monkeys: See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil refers to a lack of moral responsibility on the part of the people who refuse to acknowledge impropriety by looking the other way or feigning ignorance. The exhibition deals with a variety of controversial subject matter.

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I am so looking forward to this show.

For those who cant make it to this show, here is a preview of what i did for this group exhibition:

When I see the words evil and morals in a sentence, the first thing that comes to mind is the encounter of Eve with the Serpent.  It’s such a well known story and one that has been carried down for generations.

So I decided that since I adore playing and toys, I want to role play that encounter. I used a toy snake I received from a friend for Christmas a couple of years ago.

"Ek het n appeltjie te skil met jou" embroidery on rubber (inner tube) and found vintage frame

“Ek het n appeltjie te skil met jou” embroidery on rubber (inner tube) and found vintage frame

The title of the above work is: “Ek het n appeljtie met jou te skil” which means we’ve got a score to settle.  If I was Eve, what would I have said to the serpent back then?

With the second work:  “No hard feelings”, things became more suggestive.  The toy is a plush snake and doesn’t feel hard when you hold it.  Here Eve is comforting the Serpent.  They made peace with each other:

"No hard feelings" embroidery on rubber

“No hard feelings” embroidery on rubber

The Morality Monkeys: See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil.

Curated by Aidon Westcott

Dates: Exhibition runs from: 12 Oct – 24 Nov

Opening: 12 October 2013

Time: 11:00

Opening speaker (11:30): Robert Hamblin

Participating artists:

Robert Hamblin; Chris Diedericks; Adriaan Diedericks; Barry Barichievy; Brahm van Zyl; Corlie de Kock; Grace Kotze; Mathew Brittan; Steven Rosin; Judy Woodbourne; Olaf Bisschoff; Michele Rolstone; Marie Stander; Clare Menck; Peter van Straten; David Brits; Shany van den Berg; Elizabeth Gunter; Hannalie Taute; Aidon Westcott; Susan Opperman, Larita Engelbrecht, Bowen Boshier, Jaco Sieberhagen and Vulindela Nyoni.

For more information regarding the exhibition please contact:

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Tel: 0218832337

Cell: 0837396196

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Fauna and Flora

Art portfolio- my work

I love nature. I used to go for a hike once a week in the forest before we had children, but I’ve never been big on gardening.

Maybe because all the places we ever lived at didn’t have much gardening space.

1 before we got married we lived in communes, student villages, flats etc.

2 after we got married we lived next to an auction house.

3 then we moved to a place which had a lot of paving, and pot plants, but no garden.

4 twice we did have access to a garden but those times there was a full time gardener employed.

5 this is the first time we actually have a garden, no gardener, and it feels daunting!

Or maybe it’s because since having children I never use to spend so MUCH time outdoors…

I’m actually starting to enjoy it.  We started a vegetable garden. I cut the grass and they want to help.  The other day the next door neighbor actually reprimanded me and said it’s dangerous for the 5 year old to help me push the lawnmower….is it really?

I also started to produce our own sprouts….so easy! Wonder why I never did it in the first place.

It’s quite meditative to work with soil. The kids enjoy it as well, and sometimes we find interesting insects and animals.

I’ve also never been big on pets.

* My parents used to have dogs, but it was never really my pet.

* I got my first pet – a cat – named Easter (after Tori Amos) when I was 17 years old

Since E turned 5 we’ve had

 7 freshwater fish (which E caught himself in a river at Oudtshoorn) – 2 are still alive

3 goldfish – deceased

20 Silkworms – deceased

2 earthworms – released

Various amounts of beetles – deceased

2 big rain spiders – deceased (unfortunately 1 died because the other ate it, and the other  died of starvation.

1 mole – deceased

5 seawater crabs – released

A couple of “blaasoppies” – released

5 stray cats…1 we tamed – still alive

1 snake….

legless skink

but yesterday the Wildlife ranch which I contacted to find out what type of snake it is, confirmed that it’s not a snake, but a Legless Skink (lizard).

S decided yesterday that he wanted to set it free, even under protest from E. I kind of like that type of pet…I always preferred reptiles. So it was a sad day to see it go but also a very productive day.

I finished this piece:

Ek het n appeltjie met jou te skil. Embroidery on rubber/inner tube. framed.

Ek het n appeltjie met jou te skil. Embroidery on rubber/inner tube. framed.

I received a toy snake from a friend one Christmas. ( extra note: My Chinese horoscope sign is the snake)


I decided that I want to role play with it. In this picture I pretend that we have a score to settle. I like the title in Afrikaans since I hope it refers to the “apple” (was it really an apple?) and Eve.

Sometimes i wonder: what would I have said to the serpent if I stood in her (Eve) shoes?