A knot of snakes

Art portfolio- my work

(k)not of snakes 215 x 108 cm cotton thread and rubber 2018

detail 1

detail 2

detail 3

detail 4

Currently showing at 99 Loop gallery as part of my solo exhibition “Minutes to Midnight”. Until 27 October 2018

Installation view

Newspaper tapestries

Studio news/blog

I recently stumbled upon the artist Tamlin Blake’s work and I love the medium she use but maybe more importantly HOW she uses it!

"Wallpaper" Newspaper tapestry by artist Tamblin Blake

“Wallpaper” Newspaper tapestry by artist Tamlin Blake

On her website it says:

“Tapestry itself is traditionally a form of story telling.  In this case the medium, threads made from handspun newspaper, literally contain peoples’ stories, sometimes even those from our own experience.  Like the paper they are printed on, these used up and discarded tales have been reinvented and recycled, woven back and forth in an intricate pattern to form images which then in turn create a new contemporary narrative”.

"Fight" Newspaper tapestry by artist Tamlin Blake

“Fight” Newspaper tapestry by artist Tamlin Blake

Go check out her site here!