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"Remember to breathe" 2014 (74 x 51cm) Embroidery on rubber/inner tube

“Remember to breathe” 2014 (74 x 51cm) Embroidery on rubber/inner tube

There are 13 pieces in different stages of progress hanging, lying and standing in my studio at the moment.

13! It’s a good number, but it gets a bit frustrating since it feels like nothing’s close to completion….or it takes forever to finish a piece.

To take breaks in-between stitching I started a Facebook page.  Are you nuts you might ask, and rightly so since I do feel that all this social networking takes away valuable stitching time….and it does to a certain extent.

So why would one start a Facebook page since you are already on Twitter, Instagram , a Wix website and a blog.

Well that just it…I feel a bit all over the place.  I lost my Wix website password…as well as the Saatchi website password.  The Wix site feels a bit hard to maintain….would a Facebook page feel less so? I don’t know yet.  I’ll carry on with this blog for thoughts, feelings, and some sort of diary I guess, as well as sharing what’s up exhibition wise….Instagram I’ll use for uploading photos.  Twitter I use for quotes or random things I like to share.  The Facebook page I started to see where I’ve been art related and where I am going.  It helped putting things into perspective or so it feels.  Maybe it’s an illusion.  Time will tell…

Here is link to it:

Like it or don’t like it – or even spread the word…it’s up to you, but please know that it’s still a work in progress… while I figure out what’s the point of all this.

You are welcome to share your thoughts while I remember to breathe. x


Studio news/blog

While I was searching for Mrs Balance, I ran into Father Time.  We had a quarrel- I blamed him for being so scarce- I told him I would like to see more of him.  He mentioned that he had to go toKasselto check out William Kentridge’s commentary on him.  Now William Kentridge is one of my top ten favourite South African artists…and he has this amazing work on the Documenta 13 entitled:  The refusal of time.  Oh how I would have loved to time travel and experience it!

William Kentridge, The Refusal of Time, 2012. Stilbilde. Foto: Trine Otte Bak Nielsen.

I remember a time, when I had lots of time on my hands and taught myself to crochet.  I used to watch television and crochet a blanket.  I love to do needlework type of things during winter- its so nice and cozy!  That’s why I probably love the work of  Lisa Grobler.

Fabrication of memories by Lisa Grober

She recently had a show entitled “White Termite”.  This is the statement found on the gallery’s website:

“The most perfect example of the group soul can be observed in our own bodies. The human body is composed of a number of organs, each connected by a visible or invisible thread to a central point, the brain. Each organ is in constant activity and has a separate purpose – at least the purpose appears to be separate and independent; but on closer observation we find that all the organs are really working for a communal purpose. The influence dominating all the organs comes from one central point. In no single organ can we find a real independent purpose.” (Eugène Marais, The Soul of the White Ant, p.51)

BRUNDYN + GONSALVES is proud to present Liza Grobler’s 9th solo exhibition. The show is loosely based on Eugene Marais’ book, “The Soul of the White Ant”, which draws parallels between the ant nest as a compound animal and the human body. White Termite is a mixed media installation consisting of a constructed space that interacts with the gallery’s interior and visitors moving through it. Digital projections and collaborative processes (the crocheting performance) will continuously redefine and transform the space; much like water, the viewer’s experience evolves over time as they negotiate the interior installations. White Termiteincludes an array of media such as painting, drawing, beadwork, sculpture and performance.

Installation view of Lisa Grobler’s show : White Termite

I didn’t make it to see the show since I don’t live in the city.  What a pity.

I also love the work of  Pierre Fouche….Time consuming and timeless…

Pierre Fouche

I recently got an itch to try my hand at embroidery….on inner tube- maybe I can expolore this notion in the Lobotoy-me range….will see where it takes me….