about killing a monkey, like a virgin and like a prayer….

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Once upon a time I received a stuffed monkey from my brother in law. The monkey reminded me of a Tori Amos song called “Bliss”

and so: “Father I killed my monkey” (2015 version) was born :

….it was a piece where I experimented with stretching the rubber like a canvas and using oil paint straight onto the rubber as well….

but not feeling totally satisfied, I reworked it, covering the oil paint with thread yet again:

Now in 2019, I am invited to show work at the Hermanus Fine Arts Festival which starts on the 7th of June 2019.

33 South-African artists working with textile/fiber were invited with a brief to come up with work inspired by ‘music’ for the group exhibition titled: Shades and tones.

Not feeling satisfied with “Father I killed my monkey” I decided to ‘kill the monkey’ and rework it again. This time using Madonna as a starting point for this music-themed exhibition, not because I am a fan (I still prefer to listen to Tori)  but because I admire how Madonna has always pushed the boundaries.  I decided to focus on two songs from her early work, and use it as titles for these:

detail Like a Virgin

Like a virgin (2019) 106 x 70 cm Cotton thread and rubber

Like a prayer

Since on the subject of ‘music’….I would like to leave you with this quote from Patti Smith:

“That’s what artists do, that’s what poets do…we all do it.  We start with something, and sometimes we destroy everything that we’ve made in order to get to the core place where we started from.”




All she needs is a pat(ch) on the back

Art portfolio- my work
"All she needs is a pat(ch) on the back" Cotton thread, rubber, batting and vintage frame. 2015

“All she needs is a pat(ch) on the back” Cotton thread, rubber, batting and vintage frame. 2015

I was recently approached by a dear old friend from art school days, to create a work for him and his partner.

I appreciate it to get commissions, but on the otherhand it’s the most difficult for me to do.  (I enjoy it when they say that you can do whatever you like, but on the other hand you hope that they can relate to it on some level)

I havent seen this friend in ages . The last time I saw him was at a Tori Amos concert, I decided to listen to her music while planning what to do…The song “Spark’ from her Choirgirl hotel cd, started playing and I love the lyrics: “She’s addicted to nicotine patches”.  I said to myself, well I’m addicted to rubber patches…and voila…an image started to form in my mind.

In doing a commission I hope to get a pat on the back…and say for instance that the person I create the work for, doens’t like it…then I’ll at least have a patch…..


Father, I killed my monkey

Art portfolio- my work
"Father, I killed my monkey" 2015 cotton thread, rubber, oil paint and found object

“Father, I killed my monkey” 2015 cotton thread, rubber, oil paint and found object

Sometimes a work is inspired by a title, sometimes a title is inspired by the work.

In this case the work was inspired by the title, and the title was inspired by lyrics from the song called “Bliss” by Tori Amos:

I always wondered what she means by the words: “Father, I killed my monkey”?

To me the monkey represents curiosity and playfulness, so maybe that’s what I’m killing when I am too serious sometimes.