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Above is a photo of me with Santa! I was approximately the same age as my kids now. We were told that he exist, so we told our kids that he exist to continue the tradition. (that is if one can call this silly notion a ‘tradition’).  I can’t remember when I found out that this is just a fantasy….or how I felt way back then.

My little boy age 7 wrote to Santa yesterday. He asked for a ticket on a Cruise Ship to sail to the Caribbean Islands. A tall order! He also told me that he made a wish upon a star, but that he cannot tell me…oh boy – never has he kept anything secret from me, until now, because of Santa… and this mother doesn’t know if she can handle it!

This morning before school he told me that one of his friends said that there is no such thing as Santa and that one’s parents put the presents under the tree.  I answered him with a question asking him how he would feel if that is true…and he replied: “Sad”. So obviously I didn’t have the heart to break the news to him….just yet.

Why oh why did we start this lie! And how are we going to rectify it – because now dear friends we might lose a very important aspect in any relationship: trust.

(at this point I must also inform you that our kids also  believe in the tooth-fairy: although we call it the ‘tandmuis’ in Afrikaans, the easter bunny and that dragons exist!)

If you have any advice, please feel free to share!