“if i were a rich (wo)man….”

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The song “If I were a rich man” is playing through my head while I drool over the new body of work by Walter Oltmann.

If I were a rich (wo)manI would buy a plane ticket and go to the opening of his show (Penumbra) tonight at the Goodman Gallery.

And I would buy lots and lots of his work.

But alas, I am not a man and not rich yet…..so I wont be able to attend the opening nevermind buy his work, but oh boy do I love to look at it!

Walter Oltmann "Mother and child 3" aluminium wire 2012

Walter Oltmann “Mother and child 3” aluminium wire 2012

I adore the themes his work address:

Oltmann also more specifically returns to the theme of “mother and child”. His pairing of an adult skull with that of a child’s counters the expected sentiment and underscores the tragic loss of the tender bond between mother and child. What is usually presented as a nurturing and serene scene becomes a disturbing testament to catastrophe. (from the Goodman Gallery website)

Walter Oltmann "child" 2013 Aluminium wire.

Walter Oltmann “child” 2013 Aluminium wire.

And I also find his medium fascinating!

Walter Oltmann "Infant" 2013 Aluminium wire

Walter Oltmann “Infant” 2013 Aluminium wire

Using mostly a thin (1mm diameter) aluminium wire, these net-like works are made by layering and stitching together sections of weave to create a form of three-dimensional tonal drawing. The resulting wall hangings declare their presence through scale and surface texture but often look delicate and at times even insubstantial. “I have made connections to domestic textile practices in previous artworks and continue to explore such forms of making in these works in evoking fragility and the passage of time,” explains Oltmann.

He also has works on paper on show:

Walter Oltmann "Womb"  2013 Ink on Paper

Walter Oltmann “Womb” 2013 Ink on Paper


Walter Oltmann "Coverlet" White crayon on black paper

Walter Oltmann “Coverlet” White crayon on black paper

If you want to read more about Walter Oltmann and his exhibition, go here!



Studio news/blog

Here are some of my favourite  artists and their work I like,

Wim Botha- Mieliepap pieta

I think of Wim’s sculpture almost every morning while I make some mieliepap for my 3year old son, since that is all he wants to eat for breakfast for the past 3 months..

Walter Oltmann - Mother and child

The above image is  by Walter Oltmann.  Titled Mother and Child.  I admire his skill with wire.

Claudette Schreuders: Eclipse

I prefer her work in wood, but I can really relate with this image.