An experiment- a call for participation….

Art portfolio- my work

A while ago I did a post about “erasing words”.

Now I would like to do an experiment but some participation is needed/welcomed.

I would like to see how many different versions one can get from erasing words of the same page by x amount of different people.  Since each person is an individual, I assume that there are endless possibilities…..and that is what makes erasure poetry so appealing to me…

So I chose the last page to experiment on.

If you’d like to participate= copy/ print this page below- erase the words with your medium of choice, and e-mail it back to me…(  I will do a post about the results in 18 days.

woman, wedlock & the world page

Oh and if you have any questions- please do not hesitate to ask.

Looking forward to it.


Erasing words

Art portfolio- my work

In 2011 I fell in love with erasing words in old books to create new meanings…

Lord of the lies- altered book

Lord of the lies- altered book

For my ‘Skeidingsangs’ exhibition in 2011, a friend gave me the delightful book: Woman wedlock and the world.

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I wanted to do something special with this book…

Recently I decided to rekindle the love for taking words away in order for new meanings to surface.

2012-12-29 12;07;20 AM

A few weeks ago I read that there is actually a term for what I like doing: Erasure poetry.

If you are interested in this kind of poetry I also suggest to read more about it here

“To erase is to write, style is the consequence of a writer’s omissions, and the writer is always plural.  To erase is to leave something else behind.”   This quote is from the gwarlingo blog. (I can highly recommend this aforementioned site- a delight!)

So I’m posting an erased poem everyday on twitter….

erased poem

there will be 45 of them.

Having fun with words.