just a note: #Cross my heart

Art portfolio- my work
"Getting even" Embroidery on rubber and found doillie 2014

“Getting even” Embroidery on rubber and found doillie 2014

Cross my heart 

*My first solo exhibition at the Erdmann Contemporary gallery will open on the 10th of February 2015….Cross my heart

*With this exhibition I will continue to use my preferred medium: rubber from discarded tractor and car inner tubes…Cross my heart

*Although I’ve started to incorporate oil paint I aim to use the tread in a painterly way with these embroideries…Cross my heart

*I try not to make empty promises…Cross my heart

*These works are based on mental notes to myself….Cross my heart

*All the embroideries are done by hand by myself….Cross my heart

*I eventually – after some tears – received permission to use the toys belonging to my kids in some pieces…Cross my heart

*I am still interested in relationships…Cross my heart

*I am not a threat to this planet….I cannot cross my heart

but if I am I hope to die

stick a needle in my eye

Hannalie Taute 2014