A visual requiem for Judith Mason

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The group exhibition: A Visual Requiem for Judith Mason opens tomorrow at 11h00….If you are in the Tulbagh area = you are invited!- or contact the Christo Coetzee Museum & Gallery for more information…

I am honoured that my work are included in a group exhibition with other amazing South African Artists, bringing homage to a iconic and inspiring artist Judith Mason.

The following works by Judith Mason served as inspiration:

“Arachne” by Judith Mason

“The mission of Art” after “Arachne” by Judith Mason
Altered page, embroidery on rubber 2017

Woman in a fur coat by Judith Mason

(after Woman in a fur coat by Judith Mason.)
Altered page, embroidery on rubber, 2017

painting By Judith Mason

“Lines ‘written’ on a friend” (for Judith Mason)
Altered page, embroidery on rubber, 2017


Artcrush: Neil Gaiman


“…pretend that you are someone who can do it. Be wise because the world needs more wisdom; and if you cannot be wise, pretend to be someone who is wise and just behave like they would…and now go and make interesting mistakes, break rules, and leave the world more interesting for your being here ….”

“This is really great, you should enjoy it!”


Artcrush: The writings of Marlene Dumas

"Het kwaad is banaal" (Evil is banal) 1984 Oil on Canvas - Marlene Dumas

“Het kwaad is banaal” (Evil is banal) 1984 Oil on Canvas – Marlene Dumas

If been struggling lately to re-write an artist statement for my upcoming exhibition in September; and since we are celebrating Women’s day tomorrow, I thought it would be a nice idea to share one of the many artists who I admire (in this case Marlene Dumas)’s writings:

marlende dumas

marlende dumas2

P.S where she writes ‘paint’ I read “Embroider” 🙂

Artcrush: Steven Cohen

Artist: Steven Cohen

Artist: Steven Cohen

I love the way artist Steven Cohen discuss his:

thoughts on performance

I don’t actually know what the fuck performance art is, yet I’m brilliant at it. Does this mean that I’m a fraud. No! It simply proves that performance art is not a practice informed by theory … and that I’m honest and a little vain.

Steven Cohen in action

Steven Cohen in action

He also says:

Performance art is really about vegetarians eating blood and men fingering their cunts; it is art eating itself and art fucking itself for the first time every time.

Steven Cohen

Steven Cohen


The vanity (read self-respect) is what I harness to let myself get vulnerable, get naked in public, get shamed. My form of performance art comes from a place I’ve never been to before, each time. It’s an attempt to understand something in the process of doing it. It’s about letting you see the work as I am making it. That takes a lot of trust for me as an artist.

You can read more about his view on performance art here.

Artcrush: Graveyard quilt


I adore this quilt made by a woman in Kentucky back in 1839 to help her deal with the grief over the death of her two young sons.

graveyard quilt0003

She stitched a series of fabric coffins around the quilt’s edge with the names of her family on them and unpicked them one by one as the people died….


re-sewing the coffins at the centre inside a graveyard.

Art-therapy at its best?