Available work at Knysna Fine Art gallery

Art portfolio- my work
The dogs squeezed so hard that water came out of it 2021 122 x 86.5 cm Hannalie Taute
FEE FIE FUM 122 x 86.5 cm 2021 Hannalie Taute
The gianT’s wife was kind and quietly waited as the feast came to an end 2021 122 x 86.5 cm (SOLD) Hannalie Taute

for more info contact the gallery via email : gallery@finearts.co.za

or phone them: 044 382 5107

or visit in real life: 6 Long St, Knysna Central, Knysna, 6570

Available work at Everard Read gallery Franschoek

Art portfolio- my work

This piece dates back to 2017, when I started hearing about the oceans warming up and coral reefs dying.

Now in 2022, according NASA “…​Yes,Β the ocean is continuing to warm. … To date, the ocean contains 90 percent of the heat from human-induced global warming, and the year 2020 was the warmest ever measured for the global ocean.

And today I heard about the sewage problem at the coast of Kwazulu-Natal and I hang my head in shame on behalf of the human race.


This is not acceptable, and it makes me extremely sad and mad.

On that note I present to you: “IN WARM WATER” which I should probably rename to : ‘IN HOT WATER’ because by the looks of it we ARE IN TROUBLE’.

“In warm water” 2017 Cotton thread, doillies, and rubber 63 x 128 cm

For more info contact by Telephone: 021 876 2446

or email: fgallery@everard.co.za

or visit the gallery via website https://everard-read-franschhoek.co.za/

or irl 20 Huguenot St, Franschhoek, 7690

Available work at Deepest Darkest Art Gallery

Art portfolio- my work
Fire starter 2020 Cotton thread, fiber filling and thread 45 x 19 x 8 cm
The Dancer 2019 Thread, rubber and fiber filling 42 x 20 x 8 cm
A lady 2020 Thread, rubber and fiber filling 39 x 25 x 8 cm
Little masochist 2020 Thread, rubber, fiber filling 42 x 22 x 7 cm R6 500
Prey (sic) for them 2020 Photographic print, board thread and rubber 120.5 x 85.8 cm (framed) R22 500
Evil Curse 2021 Cabinet card, thread and rubber 40 x 35.5 cm (framed) R7 000
Jason and Medea, Loved by the People, lived happily ever after 2021 Photographic print, thread and rubber 120.5 x 85.5 cm framed

For more information or to register your interest please contact

Deon Redman at 079 138 4203

or visit the gallery at: 20 Dixon St, De Waterkant, Cape Town, 8001

alternatively send an email to sales@deepestdarkest.com

Available work at the Pencil Art Foundation

Art portfolio- my work

A violent bunch…, Kaboom! BOO-HOO!

Available works at the Pencil Art Foundation
A violent bunch 2020 (Thread and rubber) 65 x 65 cm Available via The Pencil art Foundation
Kaboom! (2020) Thread, fiber filling and rubber 115 x 23 cm Available via the Pencil art Foundation
BOO-HOO (2020) Thread and rubber 81 x 83 cm Available via The Pencil art Foundation R35 937.00

For more info or to register your interest please contact Michelle Davidson at


or phone 083 951 3747

or visit them 39 Meridian Drive Umhlanga Rocks, Durban, 4019

or the website: https://thepencilartfoundation.com/

Wishing you a wonderful weekend xxx

enter 2022…(available work at Gallery Grande Provence)

Art portfolio- my work

Enter 2022 with

“Arms wide open”

Arms wide open
(2020), Cotton thread, batting and rubber, 38 x 24 x 9 cm – Available via Gallery GP


Shit is getting real, Cotton thread, polyester fiber filling and rubber (available via gallery GP


Everything not saved will be Lost  (2019) 87 x 56 cm (sold via gallery GP- image courtesy of the gallery)
Childhood ghosts (2020), 68 x 19 x 8 cm Cotton thread, batting and rubber (Available via gallery GP)
Sweet tooth (2020), Cotton thread, batting and rubber 31 x 15 x 9 cm (available via Gallery GP)
Hot (2020), Cotton thread, polyester fiber filling and rubber 95 X 25 X 8 cm (available via Gallery GP)
Hashtag WTF (2019), Doillie, cotton thread and rubber, (image courtesy of and available via gallery GP R43 000.00)
gallery view – image courtesy of the gallery at Grande Provence

For more info or to register your interest you are welcome to contact Pieter at the gallery via email


or phone:  021 876 8630

or visit the gallery: at Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate, Main rd, Franschoek, 7690

alternatively visit their website at https://www.grandeprovence.co.za/blog/category/gallery-exhibitions/

Please stay tuned – I will update this space each week with more available works 2022 and where to see it.

Until then, wishing you all the best xxx