World Octopus day

Art portfolio- my work

I saw on the internet that “World Octopus day” was celebrated yesterday 8 October 2017…

herewith some recent work in celebration for these amazing creatures:

“In warm water” 2017 Cotton thread, doillies, and rubber 63 x 128 cm

“Hungry eyes” 2017 Vintage photograph, cotton thread, fabric, found objects and rubber 45 x 23 x 25 cm

Photographer: JP Hanekom

Images courtesy of Lizamore & Associates gallery


Incognito…Installation images

Studio news/blog

Today is the last day to catch Incognito at MContemporary gallery, so I thought it will be a good day to share some installation views form the exhibition with you, especially for those of you who cannot make it to Australia:

“Once we’re alone in Cognito,

We’ll remove all of our clothes very fast,

But though we be naked as jaybirds,

At no time will we take off our masks”

-Tom Robbins


April Fool

Art portfolio- my work

“April Fool” (Haemanthus cuccineus) 770 x 520 mm 2017 Cotton thread and rubber

“Cinderella went incognito,

and it is said that she had a ball.

It is always midnight in Cognito

By the black clock against the wall…”

-Tom Robbins

Stinking Corpse Lily

Art portfolio- my work

“Stinking Corpse Lily” (Rafflesia arnoldii) 240 x 160 x 130 mm 2017

“Just because you’re naked

Doesn’t mean you’re sexy,

Just because you’re cynical

Doesn’t mean you are cool,

You may tell the greatest lies

And wear a brilliant disguise

But you can’t escape the eyes

Of the ones who sees right through you”

Tom Robbins