FOUND – You are invited!

Art portfolio- my work

I am happy to announce that a selection of my work (which includes rubber balloons, embroidered bouquets and altered photographs) will be featuring in an upcoming group exhibition at MContemporary gallery in Australia and you are invited!

To view all the works please visit the gallery website here

but here follows a sneak peek:

rubber balloons
gallery view
A dangerous bunch

Please register your interest with the gallery.

Wishing you a peaceful day and week ahead. x

Shell I stay or Shell I go…again…

Art portfolio- my work

…no go to hell Shell!

Years ago (2014) I made this work for an exhibition in response to the company Shell who wanted to do ‘fracking’ in the Karoo.

“Shell” I stay, or ‘shell’ I go? Embroidery on rubber and found cloth. 2014 (#IndustrialKarooFearAndLoss) SOLD

Luckily it did not happen!

But now this freaking company are at it again – this time they want to do seismic surveys along our coast!!

I can not believe it! So I signed the petition (see link below) and urge you to do the same! and I really really hope they can be stopped.

They need 300 000 signatures. Hopefully that will be enough to put a stop to it. One can only hope.

Please leave our oceans alone!

Before the year was over….

Art portfolio- my work

A great joy was announced!

“Before the year was over a great joy was announced” is the title of a recent work I completed for my upcoming solo next year, but I also posted a video on social media in ‘conversation’ with COP26 this year. I was really hoping for a great joy to be announced, realizing later that it was indeed wishful thinking.

For an interesting article on what COP26 is and what is being discussed and agreed to – check out this link:

Here follows a couple of things that disturbed me:

  1. “Leaders from more than 100 world countries, representing about 85% of the world’s forests, promised to stop deforestation by 2030.” Why only 2030…and not 2025?

2. “Similar previous initiatives haven’t stopped deforestation, but this one’s better funded. However, it’s unclear how the pledge will be policed or monitored. And Indonesia, one of the main signatories, later said the plan was “unfair”. Unfair?? WTF?

3. Another thing that worries me is that the ocean wasn’t mentioned here. Wouldn’t it be grand if people can leave the ocean alone for at least 5 years…and clean it up?

Earlier this month I found a wonderful book at the library:

After reading it I realized that ‘climate change’ is not new…as a matter of fact they saw it coming in the 1800’s already!!

While learning a lot about Alexander von Humboldt I also learned about George Marsh who wrote Man and Nature published in 1864:

“Marsh’s vision of the future was bleak. If nothing changed, he believed the planet would be reduced to a condition of shattered surface, of climatic excess… perhaps even extinction of the [human] species’. p294


Man has long forgotten that the earth was not given to him for ‘consumption’. The produce of the earth was squandered, Marsh argued, with wild cattle killed for their hides, ostriches for their feathers, elephants for their tusks and whales for their oil. Humans were responsible for the extinction of animals and plants, while the unrestrained use of water was just another example of ruthless greed.” p293

Pity that Marsh isn’t alive today to see how close he came to predicting the future!

Marsh believed that the lessons were buried in the scars that the human species had left on the landscape for thousands of years. The future” he said, “is more uncertain than the past.” By looking back, Marsh was looking forward.” p297

What is even more a pity is that it seems we have learned NOTHING since the 1800s! Except for some technological advances, which will only help us in a Metaverse’ right? 😉

Not that I think Zuckerberg’s idea for social media in this Metaverse is bad, I actually had a similar idea for Art Fairs. I thought it would be great if a Fair could function like a game of Fortnite. It could be interesting if the map hosted galleries for eg: Weeping Woods is WhatiftheWorld, Steamy Stacks is Stevenson and Holly Hedges perhaps the Goodman gallery and so forth. And you go on the computer or playstation, meet with other collectors in the lobby, buy skins made by artists you want to support (see footnote*)…and jump the bus to visit the art in the gallery located on the map. Could be fun.

Anyway back to Humboldt:

Humboldt insisted that there were no superior or inferior races. No matter what nationality , colour or religion, all humans came from one root. Much like plant families.” p108

Which made me think of Family Trees and led to this work (not available yet):

Die granaat val nie ver van die boom nie (granaat as in pomegranate) or as they say in English: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree but directly translated it reads as: The grenade doesn’t fall far from the tree. 😉

On this note I will leave you with a reminder that the Doomsday clock is now 100 seconds to midnight

Which brings me to the:

*footnote : If I could make my own Fornite skin it would look something like this:

but in reality it currently looks like this :

Because “remember you are under no obligation to remain the same person you were a year ao, a month ago, or even a day ago. You are here to create yourself, continuously.”

I will love you and leave you with this wonderful quote from the book about Alexander von Humboldt:

Imagination soothed the deep wounds that pure ‘reason’ sometimes created.” p84

working real hard….

Art portfolio- my work

“Before the year was over a great joy was announced.” Work in progress shot

“I was working real hard

To show the world what I could do

Oh I guessed I never dreamed

I’d have to

World spins some photographs

How I love to laugh when the crowd laughs

While love slips through

A theatre that is full

But oh baby when the crowd goes home

and I turn in and realize I’m alone

I can’t believe I had to sacrifice you”

from the book: Just Kids by Patti Smith which I’m currently re-reading and this quote really resonates with me at the moment, and made me want to share it with you.

On page 166 Patti writes that she wrote this for Janis Joplin.

book cover

While I am writing to you about it, I found this cool video too:

Can one work too hard when the work is a part of you?

I took a break for two weeks where I did not go to the studio, since other aspects of studio life needed some attention too, eg: daily and emotional life, admin and research.

The research part I’m starting to really enjoy right now.

Current interests include Family life – Family matters – Family ties – Family Businesses 😉 Family secrets and especially

Family Meetings:

Family meeting – work in progress (detail)

Also what does it mean to be a family in this day and age? I am also interested in how fairy tales can be adapted and serve as a tool in family therapy.

So yes, I am continuing further research into fairy tales (a lifelong passion). Fairy tales this time, is also leading me to woodcuts and witches, Hortis Sanitatis and the Dance of Death by Hans Holbein. Sounds random, but I hope to connect all the dots for my upcoming solo at MContemporary gallery next year.

In the meantime,- Let’s celebrate New Beginnings!

You are invited to the opening this coming Sunday:

Please feel free to

Contact the gallery for further information

T: +27 (0)21 876 8630 | E: |

detail from #WTF at Gallery Grande Provence

And last but not least…my work “School of thought” is in good company for the sake of education at Paul Roos Gymnasium in their “See and be seen Art Exhibition and auction:

School of thought 41 x 33 cm paper, cotton thread and rubber (Photographer Kleinjan Groenewald)

The auction lots are split across two bidding platforms.
Strauss & Co live auction event
The live auction event will take place on 20 October at 17:30.
For telephone and absentee bids contact
BidPro online auction
Online bidding now open until 13:00 on 30 October 2021.
Steps to follow
Go to: &
Click on Sign In, choose option “Signup” in Blue.
Fill all relevant details in as per the screen request.
You will receive an email, please confirm.
When user is confirmed please login .
Click on Auctions or choose Fundraising.
See and Be Seen Auction will display.
Click on Register to take part in the Paul Roos Gymnasium Auction.
You can now browse through all 127 lots and start bidding.

Here is a link to the catalogue:

Enjoy and best