ICTAF- You’re invited

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I am happy to announce that Deepest Darkest Art Gallery in Cape Town will include one of my recent works in their lineup for this year’s ICTAF


Running in parallel with their sister fair in Milan; miart international modern and contemporary art fair, this event provides a unique opportunity where VIPs, galleries, and visitors will have access to a much broader audience across two continents and two fairs.
 Deepest Darkest will be presenting work by AD-Reflex, Hannalie Taute,
Kevin Mackintosh, Krisjan Rossouw, Leila Fanner and Navel Seakamela.
17 – 19 September 2021

Preview: 15 – 17 September


Let’s play…

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Play, to me, is very important. It is all about being clued in, and yet totally open to whatever happens. A surprise, a discovery. So I gave myself 1 week to sort, clean and play in my studio.

How do you nurture your creative self?

According to Scott G. Eberle, Ph.D, vice president for play studies and editor of the American Journal of Play: “Defining play is difficult because it’s a moving target. [It’s] a process, not a thing. In between you find surprise, pleasure, understanding – as skill and empathy – and strength of mind body and spirit.”

For me play is not just the physical act (although I like to get my hands full of ink, glue and soil), but play is the joyful, happy, gleeful moments that can envelope your whole being: imagining new ideas, or reworking/destroying old ones. Drawing for no one but myself. Listening to music, spending time in the garden, dancing like no one is watching, that is play.

studio floor view

I love sitting on the floor and draw.

mixed media series in progress

While sorting my studio bookshelf, I found some inspiration from this preschool reading book:

So I decided to call this little reworked lady: “Sus”. After one of the main characters in the book above, but it is also another word for sister in Afrikaans:

but “Sus” in English can also mean: “giving the impression that something is questionable or suspicious.”

She is sus, because she looks so young while wearing fishnet stockings.


and here is Daan:


Sus en Daan – all grown up šŸ˜‰

Sus en Daan

I had fun creating these imaginary friends/family. It felt necessary – I’m having a bit of a hard time hearing about my ‘real’ friends and family and how they cope (or not) with with loneliness, the distancing and things like that. My dear aunt (in her early eighties) said to me the other day that she felt quite disturbed by the emotional impact all these rules and regulations and isolation has on her. I wish I could give her a hug. šŸ˜¦

Anyway the psychiatrist Stuart Brown called play a ‘state of being,” “purposeless, fun and pleasurable.” For the most part, the focus is on the actual experience, not on accomplishing a goal. And so playing is for its own sake – it doesn’t have to have a particular purpose. But what if I can give it purpose afterwards by hosting another playful studio exhibition later this year? Lets see how it turns out.

Other news is that our son turns 11 tomorrow!

My journey with rubber started shortly before his first birthday. I wanted to make him a toy (to see if boys like rubber Bambi’s ;-))ha ha # experiment,

but lately he prefers all things military and he suggested that he will teach me how to build ‘airships’ in the computer game called “Airships conquer the skies”. l am actually looking forward! He has a great sense of humour and he is also a very sincere art critic šŸ˜‰

Up up and away!!!

Stay tuned and remember to play!

Herrie se portret

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…maar wie was/is Herrie?

Die storie rondom Herrie se portret begin by hierdie foto.

maar die meisie skort n masker.

Intussen, na my laaste blogpost, vind ek uit dat CJ Langenhoven en ek op dieselfde dag gebore was (maar net met n skamele 104 jaar verskil tussen ons.) Die internet beskryf hom so:

Considered one of the most versatile writers inĀ Afrikaans, he was a master of the short form of prose and is best remembered for his humorous andĀ satiricalĀ works, illustrated by a nonsense-verse “love poem” he wrote for his dog. Langenhoven was well known for his sharp wit and gentle manner. He owned an imaginary elephant namedĀ HerrieĀ (“Harry”) that appeared in many of his stories. He even carved its name onto a boulder next to the N12 highway nearĀ MeiringspoortĀ (outsideĀ Oudtshoorn) in 1929. This boulder known asĀ Herrie’s StoneĀ (“Herrie se Klip”, inĀ Afrikaans), has been declared a provincial heritage site.”

Ek dink ons sou dalk goed oor die weg gekom het;-)

Maar ek moet bieg. Wanneer ek die naam CJ Langenhoven hoor, dink ek nie dadelik aan hom as digter of as die een wat die Stem geskryf het nie, maar ek dink en wonder oor hoe sy ‘imaginary pet’ olifant Herrie sou gelyk het?

Dalk soos n Afrikaner nooi met n masker wat mens laat dink aan Ganesha (alhoewel Ganesha gewoonlik rooi uitgebeeld word), maar blou is mos ook vir meisies;-))

Ook maar goed dat Ganesha onder andere bekend staan as die ‘remover of obstacles

en dit was ook vir my interessant om uit te vind dat die feeste wat gewoonlik gepaart gaan met Ganesha, gewoonlik plaasvind in Augustus/September.

Festivals associated with Ganesh are Ganesh Chaturthi or Vināyaka chaturthÄ« in theĀ Å›uklapakį¹£aĀ (the fourth day of the waxing moon) in the month ofĀ BhadrapadaĀ (August/September)

Gepraat van Feeste…..Herrie se portret gaan n debut maak by die Hessequa Harmonie fees vanaf 21-25 September 2021. Ek en mede kunstenaar Nadine Hansen is genooi deur die Hessequa Kuns roete om hierdie jaar n gesamentlike uitstalling aan te bied by die Heidelberg Hotel.

Ek stuur binnekort die uitnodiging.

Groete. Hannalie.

Luckily I don’t suffer from Triskaidekaphobia…

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Triskaidekaphobia = Fear or avoidance of the number 13… I do feel sorry for the Triskaidekaphobia sufferers who also celebrated their birthday on Friday.

I always wondered why 13 is considered unlucky…well here is one explanation:

“According to folklore historian Donald Dossey, the unlucky nature of the number “13” originated with aĀ Norse MythĀ about 12 gods having a dinner party inĀ Valhalla. The trickster godĀ Loki, who was not invited, arrived as the 13th guest, and arranged for Hoor to shoot BalderĀ with a mistletoe-tipped arrow. Dossey: “Balder died, and the whole Earth got dark. The whole Earth mourned. It was a bad, unlucky day.” This major event in Norse mythology caused the number 13 to be considered unlucky

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Friday was my lucky day especially because it was the 13th …

work in progress

but I must admit that after 44 years on this planet, I am still wondering:

What I do know is that Alfred Hitchcock was also born on that day, and to quote him:

“Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.”

Alfred Hitchcock

My dear friend Karen (who I know for almost 2 decades now) and I are also very lucky to celebrate our birthdays on the same day.

Ek en Karen 2021

So roll out the red carpet, because we started celebrating a week ago already like two queens of the celestial jungle, who never tire of lavish and exclusive parties. šŸ˜‰

work in progress

I am also happy to announce that Ronell Pitout was the lucky recipient of the Choc bunny that was a giveaway at the opening of the Thread(ed) exhibition in Pretoria which opened a day after my birthday. I could unfortunately not attend the opening, but I am happy Bunny found a home.

On that note….I will leave you with a quote from Mr Hitchcock:

There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.”

So until next time my friends, remember: