Janus, ‘Ja-nee’, it’s January 2022

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1 January was new year day: In ancient times the day was consecrated to Janus (the Roman god of new beginnings gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, frames, and endings. He is usually depicted as having two faces.) Thus on that day and ever since it is customary to exchange cheerful words of good wishes.

While there was a lot of ups and downs, I do realize that it is not fashionable to say but 2021 was a great year in so many ways. From Commissions to great exhibition opportunities, meeting new friends, being healthy and having a happy family life. It feels great to count one’s blessings, so that’s what I want to focus on.

Covid and Global warming sucks but let us not allow it to determine our whole worldview.  Life is good if we focus on the present. Things are getting better, or so I hope…right???

Well maybe, that was until I watched “Death to 2021” on Netflix 😉


Anyway, while I am not going to make any new year’s resolutions’ I am going to make pacts with ancient forest beasts, promises to old gods, pledges to wise souls and trade my immortal soul for the power of kindness that curls across my skin like the uncurling petals of flowers in our garden.

Before the year was over a great joy was announced 2021

I don’t know what 2022 will bring but I know I’ll be creating art regardless.

much love


Wishing you a prosperous new year!

Studio news


Sjoe ons is nou al n paar dae in die nuwe jaar in, en ek hoop van harte dat dit goed gaan met jou?

Ons het pas teruggekeer nadat ons n paar dae weggebreek het na Nieu-Bethesda en voel weer fris en vars om die nuwe jaar aan te pak.

It was the first time in 20 years that I visited the Owl House again. This time was kind of weird since as soon as I entered the Camel Yard, I burst into tears, and then I couldn’t get out fast enough. I had goose bumps the whole time there. I still find it an amazing place.
We also visited these stone men and women at Ongeluksloot just outside Nieu-Bethesda.

We also went on a fossil tour which was very educational.

On our way back we saw this tree:

Maar voor dit het ons tydens Ou-kersdag die Slapende Skoonheid probeer ontwaak – We tried to hike up to the top of Sleeping Beauty, but only made it half way up. But still, the weather conditions were good, and we had a picnic near a cool stream.

It is great to be back and looking forward to return to the studio on Monday.

New work: “It’s a jungle out there”

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Best wishes


2017…and ACTION

Studio news/blog

Dearest friends from the blog-o-sphere

It’s been a while ….

I do hope you had a lovely festive season and that you are as excited as I am about what 2017 may hold for all of us.

I was very fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends…old and new.

Tomorrow the school year starts again, which means my routine in the studio will be back to “normal”. I am looking forward to that.

As for new-years resolutions..mine changes constantly, but for now I’d like to quote Marie Curie:

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood”.

With that said….

I would like to share the following video with you. A dear friend visited me early this year and this is what we did:

“If there is any kind of magic in the world …it must be in the attempt of understanding someone, sharing something.” Julie Delpy

Besides my ‘fear’ for a camera and my broken spoken English, I appreciate that Hugo van Schalkwyk attempted to “understand” me and then to share a bit of that understanding. It was a interesting learning experience.

Best wishes



Festivities and other ties…

Art portfolio- my work

"Tong uitsteek is soentjies vra" embroidery on rubber 2013

“Tong uitsteek is soentjies vra” embroidery on rubber 2013

What a curious month so far!!!

Round about the time of Mandela’s passing, our computer decided that it doesn’t want to switch on anymore.  Besides that we had a small technological meltdown.  The microwave had hiccups and my cell phone died every time I spoke to someone.

A couple of weeks later I am able to heat milk for coffee again.  I can have telephonic conversations again and am able to work on the computer.  This time I have to figure out Windows 8, feels strange, when you are used to XP.  I am not fond of change, but nevertheless I am pleased to surf the net again and have access to a ‘blikbrein’.  I could also listen to this interview/podcast, because i missed the actual program on RSG  ( listen here) – how strange it feels  to hear my own voice.  I use the word ‘interesting’ a lot…..anyway

In retrospect I appreciate the time without being able to go online.  It made me aware of time-management and cured me of my addiction to social networks.

As we near the end of the year I feel that I have my priorities in check (so I hope)

PLAY:  I intend to do just that with my family and friends.  As a matter of fact, my husband, the kids and myself do that already while on the beach or in the garden or at the river, slip and sliding in mud or while visiting the local nursery and learning about plants.

LEARN: I hope to never lose my curiosity.  Keep asking questions.

WORK:  Work to me isn’t a negative word.  I love working on ideas and new embroideries.  Currently I am preparing for 2 shows early next year.  *A group show called “Actuality and Illusion” at the Erdmann Contemporary gallery – and – *A solo show “Rubber ever After” at the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK).  I am so excited- so many ideas so little time.  Watch this space for details.

MAKE OR TAKE TIME:  How does one say that? Make (productive) Take (forceful)??? To make or take time – figuring out time and making use of it.  To really make or take time listening to others, especially my little ones, since their ideas are truly fascinating.  To make or take time writing overdue letters. To make or take time to be quiet (in mind and body).

LOVE all of the above.

Now to love you and leave you, until next year, with warm wishes for a magical time during this time.