It’s all relative

Art portfolio- my work

Just before the year was over a great joy was announced; there would be a family meeting, a joyous reunion!  When the time came for this anticipated gathering the woods were abuzz as the nice friendly giant proudly walked into the forest greeted merrily by the good fairies and ecstatic family pet.  The forest Faye entertained their kin by playing with fire as they trapezed through the night sky; so many came and told them that the guests enjoyed watching you.  Sadly, the nuclear family was alienated after their controversial rendition of ‘what’s love got to do with it?’Thank you for coming said the wicked giants as the evening drawn to a close and the overwhelming sense of ‘you can’t choose your family’ was left hanging in the air.  Walking out of the woods the artificial family just chuckled to themselves remembering that it’s all relative. The end. -Linda Fletcher

You can check out the link above if you want to see me reading Linda’s version on Instagram. (unfortunately WordPress doensn’t allow me to embed the video, and my copy doesn’t want to upload here, but…

below is the video I uploaded reading the one I wrote 😉

Thank you Linda for participating in making up a story using the titles of the works for my upcoming exhibition at MContemporary gallery in Sydney. Only 21 days to go!!

Introducing fellow artists and Daydreamers;-)

Art portfolio- my work
Artist Nadine Hansen and myself

I would like to introduce fellow artist and friend Nadine Hansen.

I met Nadine in 2016 when she invited me as a fellow inhabitant of Stilbaai in the Western Cape, to exhibit at her pop up exhibition, which she hosted during December 2016.

Since then we kept in contact and on invitation from the Hessequa Art Route, we launched our exhibition “Inherited Dysfunction” during the Hessequa Harmonie festival September 2021.

So I am honoured to work with her again this year and have her work in my studio for this exhibition “Dagdromer’.  Here is a quote that inspired Nadine to take part in this exhibition. To view more of her work please click on the link to the online catalogue below.

“I am often daydreaming, and it’s because I’ve always liked the idea of there being something more than the normal world”.Samantha Shanon

“Daydream, imagine, and reflect. It’s the source of infinite creativity”. Deepak Chopra

Next up is Nicole Hein:

Me and Nicole in my studio last year

I had the privilege of meeting Nicole (Nicky as we call her) last year at the first Hessequa Art Route meeting in Riversdale, WC. Since then I have enjoyed being in her company having stimulating conversations about art, life and the world as we know it. 

I am looking forward to many more hours in conversation with this beautiful creative and talented soul, and am happy to present her prints at my studio. You may view her work in the catalogue link below.

Last but not least, I would like to introduce you to Marelise Visser:

Marelise Visser and myself

I met Marelise Visser round-about 2008 after the birth of my son,  at a group meeting called La Leche (aka desperate breast-feeding club). 

After that we bumped into each other in intervals and when I moved to Stilbaai back in 2013 we met again outside a pre-school. Marelise is the owner of Bay Beauty Salon in Stilbaai and has upon a couple of occasions done my nails for exhibitions. 

Marelise took up the paintbrush back in 2016 for the first time, and since then there is no stopping her exploration and  creativity with watercolour and oil paintings .

Please click on the catalogue in the link below to view the works done by Marelise for this exhibition.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment or email xxx

Available work at Knysna Fine Art gallery

Art portfolio- my work
The dogs squeezed so hard that water came out of it 2021 122 x 86.5 cm Hannalie Taute
FEE FIE FUM 122 x 86.5 cm 2021 Hannalie Taute
The gianT’s wife was kind and quietly waited as the feast came to an end 2021 122 x 86.5 cm (SOLD) Hannalie Taute

for more info contact the gallery via email :

or phone them: 044 382 5107

or visit in real life: 6 Long St, Knysna Central, Knysna, 6570

Studio update- Winter 2021

Art portfolio- my work

Whew, July was a strange month: from billionaires in space, to looting in South Africa and more close to home = a broken appliances as well as a traffic fine. Let’s hope August will be peaceful, calm, and things working out without rushing;-)

work in progress

August is my birthday month and I am happy to say that some of my older work will be included in an upcoming exhibition which opens on the same day as my birthday! In celebration I will be giving away this ‘Chocolate bunny” from this exhibition to one lucky person.

This group exhibition is called: Thread(ed): Interlacing womxn in the 21st century, to be held at the Association of Arts, Pretoria from 13 August – 4 September 2021

More details to follow later

But here is a sneak peek:

She does not hold water 63 x 48 cm Cotton thread, batting and rubber, wood- framed (Photographer Kleinjan Groenewald)

I watched a beautiful movie on Netflix called: It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, which was inspired by an article featured in Esquire about Mr Rogers. After I watched the movie, I read the article, and I would like to share the following quote which really moved me with you:

Anyway, back to studio news:

The KKNK festival virtual exhibition Amplifica is still showing until the end of August. Here is a short video featuring the curator Dineke van der Walt talking about it:

and here is a video we made in my studio with the works in question:

That’s a wrap for now. Keep calm and keep warm until next time….

October 2020 studio news

Art portfolio- my work, Studio news/blog

I don’t know about you, but September was really testing my patience. I had a hard time with the South African postal services trying to send work overseas, which in the end didn’t reach is destination. So better luck next time. But October is here and promises to be a busy month as well as a beautiful one!

Peach blossoms in our garden

I am excited to announce that I started working on a commission last month and it is progressing slowly but surely:

Yep, that’s me (wearing a wig as usual) in front of the work just to give you an indication of the size!

The only request from the patron is that “Size matters!”

That’s when I decided that it will be the title of the work as well. 😉

note to self

So dear friends due to this commission, I will not be hosting a studio exhibition this month, but I do have those works that didn’t leave the country, available directly from my studio, until the 10th of October. If you’d like to receive a pdf file, let me know via email:

Studio shot with a work titled: Love is in the air

Until we speak again….. xxx