Things that crossed my path recently

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I am so glad a friend introduced me to Junxtapoz Magazine’s page (see here).

It was on their page that i found the following things that made me excited:

1. Β The work of Ed Fairburn (because I have a soft spot for maps)- see the link here

Ed Fairburn's work

Ed Fairburn’s work

2. Β Drawings of beautiful fairytale like creatures by Nicholas Di Genova (see link here)

Work by Nicholas Di Genova

Work by Nicholas Di Genova

I really like this creature because it combines two of my favourite animals!

3. Β And then of course this doll- because I love dolls- not in that way, but this link made me feel kind of sorry for them:

Work by Jason Lee

Work by Jason Lee

but maybe i shouldn’t worry about them, because they will be loved in some way or another- right?