for the love of art part two

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so as you know….I’ve entered an art competition – see here.

Last night the ‘winners’ were announced and here they are:

"for the love of art" competition winners

“for the love of art” competition winners

I am really happy for these artists!

“Which brings me back to happiness, and a quick look at the word.

Our primary meaning now is the feeling of pleasure and contentment’ a buzz, a zestiness, the tummy upwards feel of good and right and relaxed and alive…you know….

But earlier meanings build in the hap – in Middle English, that is ‘happ‘, in Old English, ‘gehapp’ – the chance or fortune, good or bad, that falls to you.  Hap is your lot in life, the hand you are given to play.  How you meet your ‘hap’ will determine whether or not you can be ‘happy’.

What the Americans, in their constitution, call ‘the right to the pursuit of happiness’ (please note, not ‘the right to happiness’), is the right to swim upstream, salmon-wise.” pg 24 from the book: Why be happy when you could be normal? by Jeanette Winterson


For the love of art

Art portfolio- my work

I am delighted to share the following news with you:



Yes, I am a finalist in the ‘For the love of art competition”!  So for those in the Gauteng region – you are welcome to attend the prize giving ceremony tomorrow night at 6pm.  Unfortunately I wont be able to attend, but will be there in spirit.

This is the work I entered:

"She's game/ Sy is n bok vir sports" Embroidery on rubber/inner tube 565 x 390 mm

“She’s game/ Sy is n bok vir sports” Embroidery on rubber/inner tube 565 x 390 mm

Now a couple of friends of mine are very anti-art competitions.  I’ve had some interesting conversations about this on facebook.   This year I decided to go for every opportunity that presents itself – who knows what will come from it.

I read this lovely speech by Marlene Dumas see here.

Although her situation is a bit different because she was presented with this prize and did not enter a competition; I still love her words and insight.

How do you feel about competitions?