Persistence of vision…group exhibition-now showing

Art portfolio- my work
Installation view
Fee Fie Fum 2021 122 x 86.5cm
The dogs squeezed so hard that water came out of it 2021 122 x 86.5 cm
The gian’s wife was kind and quietly waited as the feast came to an end 2021 122 x 86.5 cm
gallery view

Gallery visit…

Studio news/blog

Dear friends,

If you are, like me, unable to visit MContemporary gallery in Australia…

well don’t despair, because the gallery was so kind as to send us a couple of installation photographs of their space with my work currently hanging together with the stunning works and wallpaper designs of fellow artist Jodi Clark!

If you do find yourself in Australia, feel free to visit the gallery and see for yourself! 😉  or feel free to contact them for a full catalogue.

This exhibition runs until the 21st of March 2020 at


37 Ocean Street
Woollahra, Sydney
NSW, Australia

Monday – Friday | 9 – 5
Saturday – Sunday | 10 – 4

Telephone: +61 2 9328 0922

Bank 001 Emerging Contemporaries: Installation view

Studio news/blog


Lets start this week with some installation views from the group exhibition: Bank 001 Emerging Contemporaries currently on show at In Toto gallery in Johannesburg.

Installation view

If you’d like to receive a PDF catalogue, or would like to receive more information, feel free to pop an email to :

The exhibition runs until 30 March, so if you are in the area, feel free to pay them a visit.

Photographs: courtesy of the gallery.

Wishing you a great week. xxx

Unfolding fibre: exhibition view

Studio news/blog

Good morning!

Thank you to everyone who attended the opening reception on Wednesday and the Walk-about on Saturday of “Unfolding Fibre” group exhibition at the Pretoria Art Museum.

For those who could not be there…here is a few images courtesy of the curator: Erica Fraser.

This exhibition runs until the month of May.

Hope you have a happy week everyone.

Incognito…Installation images

Studio news/blog

Today is the last day to catch Incognito at MContemporary gallery, so I thought it will be a good day to share some installation views form the exhibition with you, especially for those of you who cannot make it to Australia:

“Once we’re alone in Cognito,

We’ll remove all of our clothes very fast,

But though we be naked as jaybirds,

At no time will we take off our masks”

-Tom Robbins