another quote from “The Muse”….

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“Don’t let your ability drag you down like an albatross.”

When something is considered “good” it draws people in, often resulting with the eventual destruction of the creator.

So whether you think its good or not should be entirely irrelevant, if you want to carry on..”

Quote from: The Muse by Jessie Burton

April Fool

Art portfolio- my work

“April Fool” (Haemanthus cuccineus) 770 x 520 mm 2017 Cotton thread and rubber

“Cinderella went incognito,

and it is said that she had a ball.

It is always midnight in Cognito

By the black clock against the wall…”

-Tom Robbins

Sleeping Beauty overslept

Art portfolio- my work
"Sleeping Beauty overslept" 2016 Cotton thread, doillies and rubber 103 x 74 cm

“Sleeping Beauty overslept” 2016 Cotton thread, doillies and rubber 103 x 74 cm

Good morning!

“Nog 10 slapies”… and then it’s showtime. So I thought since I live in a town also known as the ‘Bay of the Sleeping Beauty” that it’s a good idea to share this image with you. This piece will be exhibited at my next solo exhibition: The Grimm Needle at Fried Contemporary. I hope not to oversleep and miss the opening 😉

Inspiration for this piece came from this:


on a side note: My Mother-in-law taught me a new stitch, and I tried it on Prince Phillip. Always a challenge to try new stitches on rubber, but it was worth a try…practise, practise, practise.