EUCATASTROPHE – the opening: a video

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I am happy that I was able to upgrade my website recently, and now WordPress allow me to upload videos!

So without further adieu: herewith a video (courtesy of the gallery). Thinking back with fond memories to the opening of EUCATASTROPHE on Saturday the 17th of April 2021 at Deepest Darkest Art Gallery in Cape Town.

ENJOY 😉 – Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

(B.Y.O.I.D) Bring your own identity

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(B.Y.O.I.D) Bring your own identity – The emergence of individualization is a group show which opens today at Knysna Fine Art.  This is what the gallery has to say about this exhibition:

(BYOID) – Bring your own identity

The emergence of individualization

Society’s changing lifestyle and attitude trends affect the aesthetics in which and with which we surround ourselves every day. Recent research both locally and internationally shows that one of the central trends today in society is “Style Nomadism” (or “Fashion Nomadism”) and globalisation has only increased the need for individuals to redefine themselves.

Viewers express themselves by interpreting art, choosing to acquire it and creating themselves in the process. Searching for shorter text and deeper images means they give themselves credit for their own intelligence. Thus (BYOID) hangs on not just what your work reveals about yourself but equally the fulfilment the viewer experiences in its presence.

These following works will be on exhibition:

"In the days when Bertha spun) golden thread, cotton thread, oil paint, rubber 2015

“In the days when Bertha spun) golden thread, cotton thread, oil paint, rubber 2015 (detail)

Bertha is not my name, but I like her story.

The title of this work: “In the days when Bertha spun” is inspired by the mythical figure Bertha who was renowned for her spinning and regarded as the special patroness of female industry. She has many different names in various regions, but is mostly known as the mythical mother of Charlemagne.  In France and Germany it is still custom to say: “In the days when Bertha spun” when speaking of the Golden Age.

"A thread" textile, found objects, thread, rubber 2014

“A thread” textile, found objects, thread, rubber 2014

“The most miserable and dangerous among us are those who try to be what they are not” Jeanette Winterson.

For those who can’t be at the opening…here is a link to the digital catalogue:


For those in the Knysna area today please:

Join us for

champagne    &     shooters

at the opening of this exhibition of recent
paintings, sculpture, photography & ceramics
by some of South Africa’s finest artists.

 Date: Thursday 26 February 2015
Time: 5:30 pm

opening night: #Crossmyheart

Art portfolio- my work

photos courtesy of: Lynne Avis, Clare Menck, Tessa Louw and Linzi Francois Olivier

and here follows a short video clip.  The audience was asked to find my ‘soft spot’ and those who could received a gift.

and then there was the cocktails:

Once Upon a Time cocktail

The cocktail is named ‘Once Upon a Time’ which comes garnished with fresh white rose petals and slices of apple. ‘Once Upon a Time’ was designed by Absolut Vodka exclusively for this opening event.

Pernod Ricard South Africa asked mixologist Kurt Schlechter to design a cocktail for this exhibition. Inspired by fairy tales, Kurt used an Elderflower Fairy poem as inspiration for his Once Upon a Time cocktail – expect Absolut Vodka and Elderflower flavours.

Thank you Kurt and Absolut Vodka! x