Hello Montagu!

Art portfolio- my work

I went on a short trip to Montagu yesterday

Not so long ago I asked a collector and friend of mine if he doesn’t have any vintage photos I can borrow. He did not but later he reported that he spoke to his mother in law, and that is how we ended up to travel Montagu. To meet Mrs Biesenbach.

After a warm welcome, tea and milk tart, she showed me a collection of vintage photographs and then she took us to the the KWV Building in Montagu:

This building houses oom Gollie’s se fiets (uncle Gollie’s bike)

There is also a small movie house amongst other things in this building as well as a permanent exhibition of works by renowned artist Willie Bester.

I can really recommend a trip to this building whenever you pass through Montagu.

Last but not least…on our way back home I visited a lovely second-hand bookshop in Swellendam and couldn’t resist purchasing this book even though it was empty inside.

I am curious if this was a catalogue for one of David Goldblatt’s exhibitions or an April Fools Joke. If you know something about it please let me know.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend. xxx