Ready, steady….March and you are invited!

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I am delighted to invite you to two groups shows in which I am participating this month! One is in Australia and the other Cape Town….

First up:

HEROINE at MContemporary in Australia:

Frida Kahlo had it – a defiance and confidence that made her the twentieth century’s first ‘selfie superstar’. Georgia O’Keeffe had it – a brazen and innovative palette that confirmed her as the ‘Mother of American Modernism’. Tracy Emin has it – her frank and provocative art exposing an inventory of unconventional womanhood. The ‘it’ is boldness – a determination to speak, without fear or fancy, of the power of the female voice in public discourse.

In celebration of the dynamism and influence of this conversation, .M Contemporary announces the inaugural Heroine Exhibition, to take place in Sydney from March 7th to 24th, coinciding with International Women’s Day 2019. The Exhibition brings together emerging and established Australian artists with a series of renowned international names, each a daring and adventurous identity in women’s art.

ART MONTH – Art Night Paddington
Thursday 7 March | 6 – 8 pm

Tuesday 12 March | 6 – 8pm

7 March – 24 March 2019

Gallery will be closed
Friday 8 March

to request a catalogue contact

and shortly after that:

BLOODLINES: IMAGINED HISTORIES at Deepest Darkest in Cape Town:

For the bloodlines: Imagined Histories I was inspired by two vintage photographs which I found at an Antique shop in Stilbaai, Western Cape. I do not know the people in these photographs or their history. I gave them a face-lift so to speak by replacing their unfamiliar faces with familiar ones from popular culture, in this case The Incredible Hulk, and renamed him The Incredible Hunk.  I also used a lace-skull stitched unto rubber to resemble Rip van Winkle, who fell asleep and woke up 20 year later. I imagine them as family members, and wonder what my life would be like if I knew them personally.

So on that note…I’ll leave you with this quote by Oscar Wilde:

“Two men look out the window. One sees mud, the other see stars.”




Who is the ass anyway?

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“”Introspection is a devouring monster.  You have to feed it with much material, much experience, many people, many places, many loves, many creations and then it ceases feeding on you” -Anais Nin

who is the ass anyway detail

“Who is the ass anyway” will be hanging out with other monsters, misfits and mermaids in BaardskeerdersBos on the 22-23 of September 2018. I hope to see you there!

Who is the ass anyway 62 x 42 cm cotton thread batting and rubber (wood frame) 2016

If you cannot make it, don’t despair, for I am putting together a e-catalogue.  If you wish to receive one, send me a message with your email address to be added to my mailing list. …Looking forward!

Spring/Summer studio newsletter

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Pincushion (Leucospermum) Cotton thread and rubber 77 x 75 cm

Dear Friends,

It is September already, and Spring is in the air!

I am happy to tell you that my work arrived safe and sound in Australia. “Incognito” my first solo exhibition at MContemporary gallery in Sydney opens on the 23rd of September 2017.  I will not be able to attend the opening, but if you have friends or family in that area, please spread the word.

For this upcoming solo exhibition, Incognito, I am inspired by flowers with interesting common names. By combining flowers with self-portraits and animal skulls I wanted to create masks, concealing the true identity.

Black-eyed Susan 60 x 30 x 25 cm

You are welcome to visit the gallery’s page (here) to get a preview of the work for this show, but I will also post images here during the course of this month…

In the meanwhile I am busy preparing for another solo exhibition titled : “Come hell or high water” which will open on the 5th of October 2017 at Lizamore and Associates gallery in Johannesburg.

Come hell or high water – cotton thread, felt and rubber 63 x 102 cm

but more about this at a later stage.

In early November the gallery Knysna Fine Art turns 20! They will be hosting an extraordinary group exhibition to celebrate this milestone. I am thrilled and honoured to take part in this exhibition since this gallery was the first to give me a show back in 2003!


And then the final news-snippet for today:

I am looking forward to participate in a group exhibition at Grande Provence in collaboration with the wine estate around their range of Angel Tears wine in December this year.

On that note, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, enjoy the sunny days, and if you are more North, I hope you experience a lovely Autumn/Winter.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go blow up some balloons since my little boy is celebrating his 7th birthday today xxx

“Sir” Stephan is 7!




reminder: “Kingdom” exhibition

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Just a quick reminder that the exhibition: Kingdom at the Equus gallery  is opening tomorrow.

My “Mandrakes pollinating” will be present

Mandrake male (detail)

Mandrake male (detail)

Mandrake female (detail)

Mandrake female (detail)

"Mandrake: male and female (pollinating)" Embroidery on rubber and thread. Painted vintage frames (#Kingdom)

“Mandrake: male and female (pollinating)” Embroidery on rubber and thread. Painted vintage frames (#Kingdom)

and they hope to see you there!

Invitation to group show: "Kingdom"

Invitation to group show: “Kingdom”

kknk art festival 2013

Studio news/blog

The KKNK (Klein Karoo National Art Festival) started on the 29th (today was the last day).  At the beginning I felt very moody since my ‘lover’ named Art was in town and I was too busy being a mommy to spend time with ‘it’.  Having said that, I must admit that being in mommy-mode wasn’t so bad since we had some fun exploring the kiddies’ corner and enjoying ourselves at the merry-go-rounds.  Next year I hope to take them to see some kid orientated theatre productions.

On Thursday evening my husband made a very romantic gesture.  He was working for the KKNK as Assistant Logistic Visual Art coordinator, and so he was able to take me on a personalized art tour after hours, while kids were sleeping and mother in law looking after them.   I have been to the opening of the Visual Art, but spend the time talking to the artists, so tonight I got a chance to really take my time and engage with the work, which was absolutely amazing.

Here follows a sneak peak from each exhibition.  This is not a review, neither an entry of my own insights to the work.  It’s more like a show and tell.  Please keep in mind that my photos don’t do justice to the work and that I took these photos with low batteries and strange lightning, so I added links to the artists where possible (so that you can explore further if the need/want arise):

First up was the work by Ian Grose.  His exhibition was curated by Dr Paul Bayliss from ABSA and the exhibition was titled: Aantekeninge/Notes.

Ian Grose - Flowers seen from four corners of a table 2pm - 7pm (oil on linen)

Ian Grose – Flowers seen from four corners of a table 2pm – 7pm (oil on linen)

Ian was an ABSA l Atelier winner, and this was his first solo after he won the award.

Ian Grose - Self portrait (laptop) (oil on linen)

Ian Grose – Self portrait (laptop) (oil on linen)

After that we saw the ABSA Corporate exhibition also curated by Dr Bayliss – The seven deadly virtues.

I took this picture because as you know I love fairytales and this piece features the seven dwarves.

Artwork by Gordon Froud

Artwork by Gordon Froud

Detail of artwork by Gordon Froud

Detail of artwork by Gordon Froud

Up next was the show: Velvet – Curated by Christiaan Diedericks.  With this group exhibition artists were required to investigate more subtle imagery to interpret erotica.  According to the statement ‘Velvet” has more to do with the heart and soul’s longing than with the flesh.

Perseus by Christiaan Diedericks (colour pencil, watercolour, metal leaf and stitching on 300 gsm Fabriano Artistico paper)

Perseus by Christiaan Diedericks (colour pencil, watercolour, metal leaf and stitching on 300 gsm Fabriano Artistico paper)

The solo exhibition “When your feeling like a lady” by Robert Hamblin are photographic and video work dealing with the themes of masculinity and trans-identities.

Work by Robert Hamblin

Work by Robert Hamblin

Artwork by Robert Hamblin

Artwork by Robert Hamblin

Theo Kleynhans collected objects on his way to Oudtshoorn and painted on these items, and exhibited them in his solo exhibition entitled: Spoor.  He also made a video documentation of this journey.  Spoor is a lovely word in Afrikaans to play with, since it has such a wide variety of meaning.  Spoor = trace track trail, footprint, etc…  He explores not only the physical traces but also the emotional ones.

Theo Kleynhans "Bytjies en blommetjies' (groen, rooi en blou)

Theo Kleynhans “Bytjies en blommetjies’ (groen, rooi en blou)

Artwork by Theo Kleynhans

Artwork by Theo Kleynhans

Chris Koch in his solo exhibition Mans-Mens explore issues of being gay with digital manipulated images, accompanied by poetry by Chris Brunette.

Chris Koch "Daar sal bloed wees". (mixed media)

Chris Koch “Daar sal bloed wees”. (mixed media)

Chris Brunette "Daar sal bloed wees" poem

Chris Brunette “Daar sal bloed wees” poem

Next up is a two-women exhibition = Quintessence: 12 people I know and objects of enlightenment by Vanessa Berlein and Michele Davidson.

Each portrait in Vanessa’s work is framed with double glass.  The bottom one is engraved with prose she found relevant to the person painted, but this also makes viewing the portrait difficult.  The first layer of glass makes the viewer see his/her own reflection while looking at the portrait and so the viewer and viewed becomes one.

Artwork by Vanessa Berlein "Tess"

Artwork by Vanessa Berlein “Tess”

Michele aims to transform ordinary objects to something more ethereal.

"Marschmallows in a bowl" by Michelle Davidson (oil on canvas board)

“Marschmallows in a bowl” by Michelle Davidson (oil on canvas board)

The group show Vanitas 2013, curated by Clare Menck aimed to explore the old-worldly theme of Vanitas in contemporary South African painting.

I cannot resist an image with a doll:

Annelie Venter "Omwenteling" (oil on canvas)

Annelie Venter “Omwenteling” (oil on canvas)

Befoxycated, etc – a solo show by Annelie van der Vyver celebrated the relationship with a variety of generations and their foxterriers, as well as her own.  She works as a painter and illustrator; I personally adore her works on paper especially this one (can you guess why?):

Annelie van der Vyfer "Connected mother' (Gouache on paper)

Annelie van der Vyfer “Connected mother’ (Gouache on paper)

We also saw the group exhibition : Moleskine SA Art + Design project curated by Johann du Plessis.  Here we had the opportunity to experience the intimate process between artists and visual journals.

Artworks by Colijn Strydom and JP Meyer

Artworks by Colijn Strydom and JP Meyer

The Gallery Brundyn and Gonsalves bought the work of artist Tom Cullberg to the KKNK.

Art by Tom Cullberg

Art by Tom Cullberg

Next up was the work of Alex Hamilton (which I mentioned in an earlier post) called : Amper Almal.

"Amper almal" by Alex Hamilton (photo also by Alex Hamilton)

“Amper almal” by Alex Hamilton (photo also by Alex Hamilton)

In the earlier post (what a lot I got) I wondered if he would depict Oscar Pistorius, (by the way he didn’t) but he did make one of my favourite murderers (not that I think it might be considered sane to have a favourite murderer) the notorious Daisy de Melcker:

Daisy de Melcker by Alex Hamilton

Daisy de Melcker by Alex Hamilton

And my all time favourite outsider artist: Miss Helen Martins:

Helen Martins by Alex Hamilton

Helen Martins by Alex Hamilton

With the solo show : The last of us by Pauline Gutter, the artist doesn’t want to scare the viewer but want ‘us’ to be active and imaginative and get involved with the work.

Pauline Gutter "Doods-uur series" (Charcoal on paper)

Pauline Gutter “Doods-uur series” (Charcoal on paper)

She is probably better known as a painter, but I couldn’t resist taking photos of her sketches.

Doods-uur (series) by Pauline Gutter (Charcoal on paper

Doods-uur (series) by Pauline Gutter (Charcoal on paper

The artist Stephen Rosin tries to expose the ‘lies’ behind the ‘truth’ with his solo exhibition: Silence is golden: Political language, euphemism and bullsh#t.   With this show he pokes fun at the deceptive nature of authority.

The work “The fallacy of inappropriate authority”  — I quote:

Is a visual pun that makes reference to the logical fallacy of ARGUMETUM AD VERUCUNDIAM whereby a person in a position of authority uses this position to make incorrect and fallacious assertions based solely on their position rather than actually being an expert in the field being discussed.  A hypothetical example of this would be a high-ranking politician making the ridiculous assertion that the moon is made of cheese, and because of their position we are expected to believe them.

Unfortunately I couldn’t take a good photo of the work, but here is the description:

Medium:  Adjusted wooden knobkerrie (it looks like a phallus) painted gold, it rested on satin/pinstripe suit cloth base, Perspex display case and an antique banking desk.

But I did get a picture of this piece:

Stephen Rosin "Hierarchy/Oligarchy 2012/2013"

Stephen Rosin “Hierarchy/Oligarchy 2012/2013”

Streeksbiblioteek a solo exhibition by Olaf Bisschoff resembles a private library whereby the artist deconstructs books and uses as well as changes them into artworks.

"Pre-face" by Olaf Bisschoff

“Pre-face” by Olaf Bisschoff

I enjoyed his work a lot since I am a bibliophile by heart, but unfortunately I only have two photos- if you want to see more visit his website here.

Olaf Bisschoff "Daar sal gras groei" Oil on found book, glass, wood and paper

Olaf Bisschoff “Daar sal gras groei” Oil on found book, glass, wood and paper

Up next is the solo: Vergete verledes by Cobus van Bosch.

"Vergete Verledes" Cobus van Bosch

“Vergete Verledes” Cobus van Bosch

Me.Ek : a group exhibition curated by Prof. Elfriede Dryer reflects the search and understanding of identity in a variety of mediums.

Artwork by Jayne Crawshay-Hall

Artwork by Jayne Crawshay-Hall

Dolls by Ray Goosen and Colleen Ross

Dolls by Ray Goosen and Colleen Ross

And so the tour was over.  It was overwhelming and a lot to absorb.  Luckily I saw the festival artist: Diane Victor’s exhibition: “No Country for Old Women” earlier in the week

Installation by Diane Victor

Installation by Diane Victor

"Martyr, Minder, Mater by Diane Victor

“Martyr, Minder, Mater by Diane Victor

As well as the Tom Waits for no man exhibition curated by Gordon Froud (which I mentioned in a previous post)

part of the Tom Waits exhibition (photo by Alex Hamilton)

part of the Tom Waits exhibition (photo by Alex Hamilton)

I thank my dearest husband for spending that time with me and my ‘lover’.