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“Fear is an instinct that is there to protect you.  But, like all of us, you need to ask yourself if you’re fearing the correct thing, or ignoring the truth because you think you already know how the world works?  It’s so easy to decide that a familiar thing is harmless and a strange new thing is bad.”

-Miranda Sherry



Quote of the day from “The Muse”

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Detail: “Her dark side- fetish” embroidered rubber
Photographer Kleinjan Groenewald.

“Isaac had talked on occasion about about art, about famous painters and what made someone stand out from the rest.

‘Novelty’, he always said, ‘makes the difference’.

It was the fact that they were unlike the rest.

‘You can be a brilliant draughtsman’, he said, ‘but that means nothing if you’re not seeing the world differently.”

From the book “The muse” by Jessie Burton

Purple, Paisley and Plath

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“First, are you our sort of person?

Do you wear

A glass eye, false teeth or a crutch,

A brace or a hook,

Rubber breasts or a rubber crotch,

Stitches to show something’s missing? No? No? Then

How can we give you a thing?

Stop crying

Open your hand

Empty? Empty. Here is a hand….”

Sylvia Plath from a poem called “The applicant” in Ariel


Art portfolio- my work

According to my calendar today is the first day of the last month of 2015.  Time flies when you are having fun.

I visited the library recently and guess what I found:  a book called “Santa, a life” by Jeremy Seal. Perfect timing I reckon since I recently shared my ‘dilemma’ with you (see previous post- and thanks for those who responded with some great advice!) So now I can really get to know more about “Santa/Sinterklaas/Kersvader/Saint Nicholas”.

“Nicholas took himself to a Byzantine window.

Which brings us to ask what he is doing there.  Making a secret gift without commitment. Nicholas expects nothing from it, except the knowledge that it will change lives. What he cannot know, even if he doubts that he will succeed in keeping the gift entirely secret, is that it will never be forgotten.  On a moonlit Byzantine night late in the third century, a young man does the right thing, and so starts something big. He reaches for nothing less than immortality.” page 5 from the aforementioned book

This is not the only book I found.  I also happened to come across” The demon-haunted world. Written by Carl Sagan.  A very dramatic title, but I was curious since I saw the name Carl Sagan in this interesting article:

The 116 photos NASA picked to explain our world to aliens:

“At the heart of some pseudoscience (and some religion also, New Age and Old) is the idea that wishing makes it so.  How satisfying it would be, as in folklore and children’s stories, to fulfil our heart’s desire just by wishing.  How seductive this notion is, especially when compared with the hard work and good luck usually required to achieve our hopes.  The enchanted fish or the genie from the lamp will grant us three wishes – anything we want except more wishes.  Who has not pondered – just to be on the safe side, just in case we ever come upon and accidentally rub and old, squat brass oil lamp – what to ask for?”

What would you ask for???


Arwork by Paula Rego.