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“Rugby” a group exhibition, curated by Donavan Mynhardt, now showing at Rust-n-Vrede Gallery concludes 4 March 2023, and if you are like me unable to attend the physical exhibition, herewith some installation images courtesy of the gallery and Wild Mushroom Productions:

A big thank you to everyone who attended the opening and exhibition so far.

I am delighted to inform you that my work titled: “The people gathered to watch as the bulls play the final test” has been sold, but feel free to contact the gallery to view the full catalogue:

The people gathered to watch as the bulls play the final test, Photographic print on board, thread and rubber, 2023 (SOLD)

Rugby- a group exhibition

Art portfolio- my work
“The people gathered to watch as the bulls play the final test” 122 x 85 cm Photographic print on board, thread and rubber 2023

Since I don’t watch rugby and I don’t really get caught up in the hype of this sport I decided to focus my attention on the spectators. Trying to figure out why this sport is so popular in our country, since it actually originated in England.  Jaco Taute is a South African retired rugby union player. Are we family? I don’t know. My grandmother is not with us anymore so I can’t ask her, and my aunt who knows a lot about the Taute Family tree suffers from dementia so I cannot ask her either. But I remember my family gathering around the telly to watch rugby. Most of them were avid Stormers supporters, but for this piece I focused on another rugby team.  

Work in progress

I used a family photo for this exhibition and I found the following words to make up the title for this piece: “The people gathered to watch the bulls play the final test.”  (thinking about a popular slogan and newspaper headline: ‘Our blood is blue’ which is commonly used to describe the fans of the Pretoria based South African Rugby Union team: The Blue Bulls.) The title I used is composed of words from the fairy-tale colouring book which tells the story of ‘The golden fleece’ (a Greek myth) which is also one of the oldest myths of a hero’s quest.  To quote Jim Hamilton a former Scotland lock: “Rugby although the ultimate team sport needs casual fans to buy into heroes.  It needs kids to buy into heroes.  We need the media to buy into characters.  We need to make rugby cool.  We need to make it accessible.  It doesn’t need to be about the game but about experiences, about the stories, the athletes.  If it doesn’t happen now, we are going to be left behind.” 


You are invited!

For more information about this group exhibition please contact:  curator at the gallery:

“Die Alfabeter”

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Raison d' ^etre" : R is for Rugby (& Rubber) Textile, rubber, valves, thread, steele 2015

Raison d’ ^etre” : R is for Rugby (& Rubber) Textile, rubber, valves, thread, steele 2015

“Die Alfabeter” exhibition officially opened on the 7th of March as part of the Woordfees 2015.  18 participating artists and I am happy to say that I’m one of them!

"Bok vir sports/ She's game" thread, rubber, batting, wood 2014

“Bok vir sports/ She’s game” thread, rubber, batting, wood 2014

Curated by Alex Hamilton. (You are welcome to contact him if you want more information, or follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more details about it.)
All artworks are for sale and will be on view at the PJ Olivier Art Centre in Blom Street, Stellenbosch until 15 March. If you are in the area, you are welcome to pop in xxx

(photos courtesy of Alex Hamilton)