“…the well-being of an art collection.”

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“Why is it a terrible battle scene like Picasso’s Guernica can be beautiful, while a painting of two unicorns kissing in a flower garden can look like crap. Does anybody really know why they like anything?” Quote of the day from the book: Diary – a Novel” I’m currently re-reading by Chuck Palahniuk.

And while I ponder this question, I know what I like and I know what some collectors like, but I don’t know why…maybe it is because of HOW it was documented? Should an artist worry about it, because our business is to create right?

Title: Self-portrait (bust) Medium: cement fondue, steel, wood, cotton thread and rubber 2014

What I do know and only realized later in my career is that one should take proper photographs of one’s work. (the above picture is a good example of how NOT to document your work circa 2014)- but at least I have some sort of documentation. I was always under the impression that a gallery does that for you, but since all the galleries I worked with in the past ask the artist for high res images of an artwork, I realized that I should up my game πŸ˜‰

“The best practice is when the paper trail of an artwork can be traced from its current home back to the artist’s studio.” as quoted form the article below:

You can read more here: https://www.familyofficemag.com/artmuseum

So I am grateful to be working with a professional photographer since 2018. I can highly recommend working with one if you are unable to take good photographs by yourself of your work.

I am very excited that Kleinjan will be visiting my studio this coming weekend to document my latest series for an upcoming exhibition. And in anticipation I have been rearranging my studio:


I can not wait to share with you the results….

in the meantime you can find me reading more about “Why it is more important than ever to document your artwork” here

13 thoughts on ““…the well-being of an art collection.”

  1. an important article that goes deeply into these weighty issues. I scanned it but will come back tonight for a full read. Thank you. Informative, interesting.

  2. Did you know at the time of writing this of the drama at Arteye? I think I saw one of your sculptures in a photo Tyron posted? As it may be, this has become rather vitally important!

    1. Drama? Arteye? No I am blissfully unaware of any drama. Facebook? I’m not on Facebook. But please do tell. I don’t exhibit with them, but Tyrone bought a sculpture back in the day, so that must be the one he posted? Did something happen. What’s the matter?

  3. There’s a full page article in the print edition of Daily Maverick, published the 13th March I think. I got a copy of the page off facebook via a friend but it’s not really readable. Apparently a bunch of artists, lead by Peter Mammes artist who has taken on Tyron at Arteye about lost artworks and a series of other allegations. They say they’ve been bullied and threatened with lawyers. The burden of proof (of artworks submitted to Arteye) is put back on the artists. My own dealings with Tyron has been okay. The whole thing is to make sure to sign contracts and keep records of one’s own work – who has it when it was submitted to who and so on. The article will probably appear in the online edition of Daily Maverick in about a week. That’s all I know. I’m not on facebook either but got info via a friend on the debacle.

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