EUCATATSTROPHE – the opening

Art portfolio- my work

Saturday the 17th of April 2021 was my solo exhibition opening at the Deepest Darkest Art Gallery in Cape Town.

Words are powerless to describe the gratitude I feel, but let me try:

Thank you so much to each and everyone for taking the time to attend the opening of an Eucatastrophe at Deepest Darkest Art Gallery.

Thank you to Krisjan Rossouw for walking me down the ‘cobblestone aisle”: It was 12 o’clock and a sweltering hot day….but we managed to keep our cool 😉

Thank you to Deon Redman for being an incredible host:

Thanks to Miche for making sure we had fabulous wedding-cakes…one to display and one to eat at the opening!

Thanks to DJ Auto for the music….

Big thanks to Sidwell Diamond, who made sure we all had something to drink….

and keeping our glasses filled with refreshing prosecco by Bottega_Africa:

I want to thank Saskia Buxton, who turned me into a ‘princess’ using her make-up just like a fairy-godmother would:

I would also like to thank Stephania Morland for enhancing my attire with her bespoke creation:

Last but not least I would like to thank my own Prince Charming (Hendrik Carsten) who couldn’t be there, but who always support my creative projects with love and understanding.

You can view an Instagram IGTV video here :

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