DiVERSiTY – at the Rupert museum (Installation images)

Art portfolio- my work

Diversity – a fiber group exhibition runs until the 29th of January, but if you cannot make it, The Rupert Museum kindly shared some installation images recently which I would like to share with you!

For more info feel free to visit their website to access the exhibition catalogue here: https://rupertmuseum.org/exhibition/diversity/

Or you can access a virtual experience here: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=MEyBgnezT6W

I wish you a wonderful day


The giant will care for you

Art portfolio- my work

Just a quick note to thank you, each and everyone who cared to read my blog/newsletters/social media posts and thank you for caring and sharing during 2022!!

I wish you a prosperous 2023.

This piece titled “The giant will care for you” was the final piece I managed to finish during 2022. As you can see I re-used some embroidered pieces from a work I did long ago titled: “Mandrakes pollinating” and I also added some new elements too.

Before I go…

Here is a quick recap of where you are able to see available work during January. Feel free to visit the galleries in real life or online.

* MContemporary gallery – “Summer group exhibition until 9 January 2023 https://mcontemp.com/exhibition/summergroupshow2022/

*Gallery Glen Carlo – “Seeing far” group exhibition until 22 January 2023   https://glencarlou.com/art-gallery/

*Knysna fine art – “The big picture” group exhibition until 9 January 2023 https://www.finearts.co.za/exhibition/42/

*Rupert Museum –  “Diversity” group exhibition until 29 January 2023 https://rupertmuseum.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/DiVERSiTY-catalogue_2022.pdf

*RKContemporary – “Lush” a group exhibition until 26 February 2023  https://rkcontemporary.com/exhibitions/lush-a-salon-style-summer-group-exhibition

Until next month….take care & Best wishes to you and yours. – Hannalie

Summer group show at MContemporary

Art portfolio- my work

I am delighted to have some new work included in the summer group show opening tomorrow, 13 December at .MContemporary in Sydney, Australia. You are welcome to join them for end of the year celebrations, but please note that RSVP is essential. Visit the gallery website to find out more www.mcontemp.com or to view the exhibition online in case you cannot make it 😉

in the meantime, ‘the King And The Witch Awaited Their Wedding Day’

The King and the witch awaited their wedding day 2022 Cabinet card, thread and rubber mounted on board size 38.5 x 32 cm
The orange fairy 2022 Cabinet card, thread and rubber mounted on board size 38.5 x 32 cm

meanwhile ‘the Orange fairy’

The two wicked giants helped in the kitchen 2022 Cabinet card, thread and rubber mounted on board size 38.5 x 32 cm

and ‘the two Wicked giants helped in the kitchen.’ while ‘I was magically fooled’.

I was magically fooled 2022 Vintage photo, thread and rubber mounted on board size 38.5 x 32 cm

by ‘the princess and her cat’

The princess and the cat 2022 38.5 x 32 cm Vintage photo, thread and rubber

she was….’This lovely princess was a dog.’

this lovely princess was a dog 2022 Vintage photo, thread and rubber mounted on board size 38.5 x 32 cm

Shocked…. ‘The King and Queen fell asleep’

The King and the Queen fell asleep 2022 Vintage photograph, thread and rubber mounted on board size 400 x 500 mm (SOLD)

and ‘the puppets lived happily ever after’

The puppets lived happily ever after 2022 Cabinet card, thread and rubber

The end.

p.s i hoped you enjoyed the ‘on the spot, unplanned, fun little silly short story’ if you read between the photos…just for fun, and also because I love to experiment with the titles.


I also want to wish you and your loved ones a peaceful & wonderful festive season, happy holidays or calm stay-cations – whatever and however this season brings you joy. Thank you for reading my posts as well as the support and feedback. Much appreciated.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness for 2023! I look forward meeting you here again in January.

Take care


The guests enjoyed watching you

Art portfolio- my work
Hannalie Taute The guests enjoyed watching you (family entertainment) 84 x 119 cm Photographic print on board, thread and rubber 2021

Or rather let’s hope they did 😉 Who is watching who anyway?

Family meeting at MContemporary comes to a close on Saturday 6 August 2022 – a big thank you to everyone who visited the gallery and took time out of their busy schedules to view the exhibition, as well as those of you who visited the exhibition online page!

Also a big thank you to team – MContemporary for hosting the show! Much appreciated. For more info about this exhibition feel free to contact louise@mcontemp.com

and last but not least, thank you to my family and friends for the support and believing in me! You are the best xxx

Nuclear Family

Art portfolio- my work

Let’s blast into the weekend with the Nuclear Family 😉 shall we?

The Nuclear Family can be viewed at the Family Meeting exhibition in Sydney at gallery MContemporary until 6 August 2022.

Hannalie Taute Nuclear family 119 x 84 cm Photographic print on board, thread and rubber 2022

“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood” Marie Curie

gallery view

wishing you and yours a fabulous weekend