Found – some installation images

Art portfolio- my work

Found – a group exhibition is now showing at MContemporary gallery in Sydney Australia, herewith some installation images which I would like to share with you, courtesy of the gallery:

Meet Arthur, the gallery dog, guarding 2 of my works in the background 😉 (image courtesy of the gallery)
Gallery view (photo courtesy of the gallery)
installation view (photo courtesy of the gallery)
photo courtesy of Hills and West
photo courtesy of Hills and West
photo courtesy of Hills and West
Photo courtesy from the gallery

This group exhibition will be running until the 11th of December 2021 or you can view the work on the gallery website here :

Persistence of vision…group exhibition-now showing

Art portfolio- my work
Installation view
Fee Fie Fum 2021 122 x 86.5cm
The dogs squeezed so hard that water came out of it 2021 122 x 86.5 cm
The gian’s wife was kind and quietly waited as the feast came to an end 2021 122 x 86.5 cm
gallery view

Waiting for Van Hunks…

Art portfolio- my work, Studio news

Waiting for Van Hunks 2017 Embroidery on rubber 45 x 58 cm

This piece was inspired by Table Mountain which is often covered by a so-called “table cloth” of cloud. Legend attributes this phenomenon to a smoking contest between the Devil and a Dutch pirate called Van Hunks. 

This piece will be hanging out at the Museum Rijswijk for the Rijswijk Textile Biennale, which opened to the public yesterday until September 2017

In the image above Van Hunks is hanging close to a work by South African artist Tamar Mason, whose work is also included in the Biennale.

It is a first for me to see my work displayed in a Vitrine like this.  I kind of like the idea. It reminds me of a time during my childhood, when I encountered hundreds of porcelain figures in a glass case at my aunts home.

A big thank you to Doroth’e Swinkels for sending me the images.