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Dear friends,

While ones work is on display at an exhibition, hanging in a gallery, you are rarely aware of who gets a chance to see it. Who and how someone reacts to it. What they ‘get’ from it.

I am always curious what attracts a person to certain work/s of art.

ATTRACT: early 15c., “draw (objects or persons) to oneself,” also a medical term for the body’s tendency to absorb fluids, nourishment.

ATTRACTION: c. 1400, attraccioun, originally medical, “action or property of drawing (diseased matter) to the surface,” from Old French atraccion (13c.) and directly from Latin attractionem (nominative attractio) “a drawing together,” noun of action from past participle stem of attrahere “to draw, pull” .

Extended by c. 1600 to magnetic forces; figurative sense “quality in a person which draws interest or imagination” is from c. 1600. Meaning “a thing which draws a crowd, interesting or amusing exhibition” is from 1829, a sense that developed in English and soon transferred to the French equivalent of the word.


Sometimes, just sometimes, you hear from such a person.

Ernst Gypsy (Jan Ernst de Wet) saw my work at the “Well worn” exhibition currently showing at the Cavalli Estate….we started a conversation via social media…and then this is what happened (I quote):

 I have taken from Taute’s work a process that engages with familiarities, the abstract of products from other art forms such as music and literature and tried to make it applicable to my skills and understanding.

Read the full version here:


It’s a very different kind of feature/interview/article….I love his way of looking at the world, thinking about the work, generating ideas, and making it his own.

Embroidered rubber by myself and ‘digital embroidery’ by Jan Ernst de Wet

I quote:

Art acts as a mouthpiece to communicate the similarities between everyday life and the way we perceive, interpret or experience it. It’s not about capturing it accurately, but rather how we bring to life a part of it that someone can resonate or identify with and therefore face a reality about themselves.

I invite you to click on the link: https://ernstgypsy.wixsite.com/ernstgypsy/single-post/2018/03/27/MELODY-MONTAGE-EMBROIDERED-HANNALIE-TAUTE to see the results of his investigation….his interpretations!

P.S and of course I also love the links he published of the music that inspired him. 😉

P.P.S I’d like to leave you with this quote:

“He asked…’Did art get us?” The question for me wasn’t if art got us. The question was “Do we regret that? I know art got us, because if art gets you, you can never be normal. You can’t go anywhere without trying to transform it, you know?”

Patti Smith with Robert Mapplethorpe

I’ll be watching you

Art portfolio- my work
"I'll be watching you" cotton thread, rubber, batting and wood (photo Alex Hamilton)

“I’ll be watching you” cotton thread, rubber, batting and wood (photo Alex Hamilton)

Yes, you probably guessed it…the title of the work was inspired by the song from “The Police”!  Afterwards I realised that the lyrics are a bit on the ‘obsessive’ side to put it mildly.  anyway I still think it is a great song.

When I met my husband to be, that was ‘our’ song. He was also the muse/inspiration/model for this work…

oh and did I tell you that I really REALLY like magnifying glasses! The kids and I have a wonderful time looking at the world…


the muse in space

Art portfolio- my work
collage from old journal 2006(?)

collage from old journal 2006(?)


spaceman (collage from old journal/sketchbook)

spaceman (collage from old journal/sketchbook)

I wait in anticipation for the KKNK to begin, this waiting is driving me crazy! So I started to browse through my previous sketchbooks, journals etc. in search for the muse.  I am currently thinking about what should follow ‘rubber ever after’….

everywhere i look space turns up….

Georges Perec

Georges Perec

I found some info on the web about Georges Perec and wish i can get my hands on his book: Species of spaces.

In the meanwhile I started on a piece: “shooting stars”:

work in progress

work in progress

apart from content I should think about scale (I want to try my hand on a HUGE piece).  I also want to work on my embroidery skills and learn more about that-  and thats why I ordered the book “The subversive stitch”….sooo looking forward to receive it and start reading.

So dear friends….10 days to go to my show ‘Rubber ever after”…..until then: “may the force be with you”!