Social, to be or not to be…

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This month marks my 1 year absence from Facebook.

Jeez, it sounds like those Alcoholics Anonymous confessions, but hang on… I’m not going to bore you with the details about the pro’s and con’s, all the reasons, doubts and fears from deciding on which social media platforms to use or not to use etc.

I have family members and friends that still enjoy using fb, and sometimes they send me images, or reminders that things are happening regardless of one is on it or not.

My brother send me this image he saw on fb:

Jip…my sculptures are hanging out with the Queen of Rock in South Africa, and believe that they are having a ball of a time.

If only sculptures could talk 😉

P.S think it is quite appropriate that the title of the sculpture featured is:

Exit to Exist

P.P.S…..I freakin’ love this song ….for all apparent reasons 😉



Kaas, rubber en radio


Ek het nie so lank gelede die voorreg en geleentheid gehad om tydens n Kaas en Tee “pairing” by Kasselshoop net buite Stilbaai,

met Haidee Muller van RSG te gesels oor my werk.

Dit was n aangename en prettige ondervinding…hier (volg gerus die skakel)… is n kort video waar Haidee Muller vir n oomblik haar mikrofoon verrruil vir naald en gare: 😉 

en hier is n skakel na die potgooi vir die volle onderhoud :

*Dankie RSG, Haidee Muller en Kasselshoop Kaas!



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I have learned since art school not to be too precious about an artwork, and sometimes, when one revisit an older piece, to rework it again…do you do it sometimes too?

That is what happened to this piece now referred to as “Hang-ups”. It used to be a diptych titled: “The world at her fingertip”, but after I severed the cord and removed the world; I transformed the string into a noose.

This piece ‘hangs out’ at the Paradigm Gallery in the group exhibition: Stitched Part 1, and did a lovely write-up of my work included in this exhibition.  (see link below)


The Work of Hannalie Taute

via Beauty In The Eye of The Beholder – The Embroidery Work of Hannalie Taute — HAHA MAGAZINE

Thanks for the feature xxx


Inspired to Stitch – Hannalie Taute — MrXStitch

Art portfolio- my work, press

It is such an amazing feeling to see someone, in this case Olisa Corcoran, write such encouraging words and thoughts about one’s work. It was a great experience to be interviewed by her. She took time out to really look at my work and then asked very thoughtful questions…Thanks Olisa!…and a big thank you to MrXStitch for publishing the article. xx

Hannalie Taute is an astonishing creative force. The South African artist depicts fairy tales in rubber and thread. She stitches unnerving self-portraits. She builds sculptured figures without faces. Taute has worked with rubber, which she sources from discarded inner tubes from local businesses, since 2011. The process is labor intensive.… Read More Author information Olisa…

via Inspired to Stitch – Hannalie Taute — MrXStitch