Goldilocks and the 3 cacti

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I recently completed a commission for a very special lady. Her only request was that the work should be ‘doll’ like. After questioning her about herself, I realised that she love succulents and the colour yellow. She also have beautiful curly blondish hair. And that’s how I decided I’ll do the above piece for her.

After she received the work she sent me this photograph of when she was a little girl:


Such beautiful yellow dresses! I just love coincidences like these!

Portrait of…

Studio news/blog

I’m not used to doing portraits of other people …..but recently I received the exciting challenge from Arts Patron Stuart Trent (read more about him here) to do his portrait.



reference for ebroidery

reference for ebroidery

Since I don’t know Stuart on a personal level…


I decided to make a grey-scale embroidered portrait based on the classical sculpture busts.

It also reminded me of a chess piece.

Check mate.



Sleep or swim

Art portfolio- my work




“Sleep or swim” mixed media, found objects, textile, cotton thread, rubber 2016 (980 x 680 x 430 mm) Private collection

“Ancient Egyptian scholars observed that in night-time the lotus closed its flowers and sank into the water…”

*photo credit: Marthinus Strydom


All she needs is a pat(ch) on the back

Art portfolio- my work
"All she needs is a pat(ch) on the back" Cotton thread, rubber, batting and vintage frame. 2015

“All she needs is a pat(ch) on the back” Cotton thread, rubber, batting and vintage frame. 2015

I was recently approached by a dear old friend from art school days, to create a work for him and his partner.

I appreciate it to get commissions, but on the otherhand it’s the most difficult for me to do.  (I enjoy it when they say that you can do whatever you like, but on the other hand you hope that they can relate to it on some level)

I havent seen this friend in ages . The last time I saw him was at a Tori Amos concert, I decided to listen to her music while planning what to do…The song “Spark’ from her Choirgirl hotel cd, started playing and I love the lyrics: “She’s addicted to nicotine patches”.  I said to myself, well I’m addicted to rubber patches…and voila…an image started to form in my mind.

In doing a commission I hope to get a pat on the back…and say for instance that the person I create the work for, doens’t like it…then I’ll at least have a patch…..