Inspired by Nature with the GCBR

Art portfolio- my work

Not so long ago the wonderful team from the Gouritz Cluster Biosphere reserve visited my studio:

And they did a short interview with me in anticipation of a group exhibition to be held at their office here in Riversdale. I am really excited to be a part of a local art initiative in the Hessequa region. Please save the date!

You are invited:

I really like their vision:

Our vision is one of people and nature living in harmony; what better theme for our inaugural
exhibition. This theme serves as an important reminder that neither man nor the environment exist
on their own, that we are very much intertwined. The theme reaffirms the objective to create
healthy eco-systems where man and nature thrives together.

And am happy to announce that my work: ‘She does not hold water” will be included:

She does not hold water 63 x 48 cm Cotton thread, batting and rubber, wood- framed (Photographer Kleinjan Groenewald)

*A portion of the proceeds of each artwork sold will go towards the GCBRโ€™s ecological restoration efforts and the development of the Hessequa Art Route.

To attend this special one day event, or for more info regarding my work or this exhibition please email: for more information. RSVP is essential .

If you are unable to attend this event, the works will be available online until 10 December 2022 and you are welcome to their website:


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