a milestone?!

Art portfolio- my work

When one becomes a mother you are told to look out for certain milestones in the development of your child, for example the first time he/she sits, or crawl (mine never did much crawling) or the first step, or the first word and so on.

Lately I wondered if there are certain milestones in an artistic career, and if one can call it that.  For example the first sale of an artwork, the first gallery show, the first award etc.

Everyone develops at their own rate.  Louise Bourgeois for example only received recognition late in her life, while Vincent van Gogh never did get much attention until after his death;  and some receive acclaim just after they leave art school.

Last week I received news that for the first time my work was acquired by an Academic collection:


To some this might not seem like a big deal, but to me, I’m feeling the way a mother feels when she sees her child taking his/her first step!


“May” you have a prosperous month

Art portfolio- my work

Behind April comes the goddess Maia.  Her father was named Atlas, and it was supposed that the weight of this vast round world on which we live, with all its mountains and oceans and deep mines, rested upon the shoulders of Atlas.  He had seven daughters who lived in a mountain, and Maia was the most famous of all these seven daughters because of her son Mercury, who ran swiftly from Heaven to Earth on errands for the gods and goddesses.  Jupiter, the father of all the gods took Maia and her sisters and placed them near together as stars in the sky.  the cluster of six stars called the Pleiades is supposed to be Maia and her sisters.  The seventh star of the cluster is invisible.  It represents one of the sisters who married a man named Sisyphus, and even had been condemned to roll a stone up a hill eternally, she has hidden her face with sorrow. (from an encyclopaedia)

"A match made in heaven" altered photograph with embroidery on rubber/inner tube

“A match made in heaven” altered photograph with embroidery on rubber/inner tube