Our Inherited Dysfunction- opening night

Art portfolio- my work
Nadine Hansen and Hannalie Taute

We had an absolute blast last night at the Hessequa Harmonie festival in Heidelberg, during the opening of our duo exhibition: Our Inherited Dysfunction.

Moi with the love of my life

A big thank you to everyone involved in making this a memorable moment.

Nadine and myself with the organizer of the festival: Niel Rademan
Nadine and myself with Irma Huysamer
With the Mayor Mr Riddles in front of the Hotel where our work can be seen

Nadine and myself will at the Heidelberg hotel tomorrow morning, if you want to join us for a walkabout.

Looking forward to see you there!

Come hell or high water…opening night

Studio news

What I wore: rubber collar in collaboration with the Tailor: William Mills from Stilbaai

A big thank you to everyone who came to the opening of Come Hell or High Water at Lizamore & Associates gallery on the 5th of October!

With Teresa Lizamore at Lizamore & Associates gallery

Images courtesy of the gallery – Lizamore & Associates

Rubber collar: a collaboration with the Tailor: William Mills

Boots: Heels to Heaven

Vintage lace dress: a gift from my friend Camille Haupt

Comfortably Numb – artist profile

Art portfolio- my work, Studio news

Artist profile: The embroidery of Hannalie Taute shows that humour can be one of the smartest ways to communicate darkness and all its intoxicating wonders to our most hidden desires. Victims and perpetrators switch roles, characters exploit and are exploited. Ruminating on fear, dreamtime and memory, the artist dramatize our most primal urges—jealousy, revenge, greed, submission, and gluttony. By using traditional embroidery techniques unto the unconventional canvas of rubber, the artist aim to transform the familiar into the unfamiliar. Her works will be on show on the group exhibition “Comfortably numb” at Gallery 2 from 3-26 August. – Johan Conradie