The Big Picture at Knysna Fine Art

Art portfolio- my work

The Big Picture – a Group exhibition at Knysna Fine Art opens on the 9th of December 2022 and you are invited!:

I will have 3 small works included in this exhibition.

‘Once upon a time, near the ocean” 2022 Photographic print, thread and rubber 41.5 x 35 cm
‘She hurried toward home’ 2022 Photographic print, thread and rubber 41.5 x 35 cm
‘At last she reached the top and saw fairyland.” 2022 photographic print on board, thread and rubber 41.5 x 35 cm

As you can see below, I took inspiration from really small photographs in my collection and had them blown up to a size I am comfortable to work with.

And below is and example of the work framed.

If you are unable to visit the gallery, feel free to register your interest or request a catalogue from:

Wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead.

Knysna Fine Art – 20th anniversary

Art portfolio- my work, Studio news

Trent Read and myself, back in 2015 when he opened my exhibition at another gallery

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to work with Trent Read from the Knysna Fine Art Gallery for more than a decade. So I am feeling very excited and chuffed that my work will be included in a group exhibition (curated by Corlie de Kock) to celebrate the 20th Anniversary and this milestone with this gallery. The exhibition will open on the 9th of November 2017!

So I thought I will compile a ‘throwback-tribute” of some selected exhibitions I’ve had the honour of showcasing at Knysna Fine Art Gallery!

It all started back in 2003, when Trent Read gave me my first gallery show with an exhibition titled: “Siembamba, (the toys are us)”

back then I was experimenting with different mediums for example: plaster of paris and found objects; as well as Polaroids, and charcoal drawings

Trent was always very supportive and patient while I experimented with different mediums. “Cutting edge” followed in 2004: (unfortunately I do not have a lot of photographs from this exhibition):

by then I fell in love with saw-blades and dress-making pattern paper.

Trent has never been afraid of taking risks, and showcasing some daring exhibitions in a small town.  Shelf life in 2007 was a very fun and interesting project curated by Belinda Blignaut. It was the first time I undertook the process of a big installation. It basically contained elements of my processes, inspirations, experiments and works from 2002 until 2007

shelf-life, installation view 1

Installation view – shelf life

No strings attached followed in 2009: By then my son was born and I worked mostly with Dress-making Pattern Paper – interesting to look back now and see some experiments with stitching too…

and as you can see…’toys’ have always played a part in my work

as well as altered photographs

and more recently

2016 Implanted Memories:

It has been quite a journey, I’ve also met some amazing artists and collectors along the way! With some I even still have contact today. Thank you to all for the support and encouragement.

And a big thanks to the staff from Knysna Fine Art…it has been a wonderful experience to be able to work with you.


Two decades is a milestone in any business but to survive as a gallery in a small town is quite special. As in any worthwhile journey there have been difficult times and none more so than the recent fires in Knysna which were an existential threat to the entire community. The reason we have succeeded is twofold – the support, work and friendship of wonderful artists and the same support and friendship from clients from across the country and around the world.

This anniversary exhibition also introduces our new curator, Corlie de Kock, and welcomes her to Knysna.

We would really love you to join us at the celebratory party if possible but do come and see us whenever you are in this wonderful part of the world.

Trent Read 2017

Spring/Summer studio newsletter

Art portfolio- my work, Studio news

Pincushion (Leucospermum) Cotton thread and rubber 77 x 75 cm

Dear Friends,

It is September already, and Spring is in the air!

I am happy to tell you that my work arrived safe and sound in Australia. “Incognito” my first solo exhibition at MContemporary gallery in Sydney opens on the 23rd of September 2017.  I will not be able to attend the opening, but if you have friends or family in that area, please spread the word.

For this upcoming solo exhibition, Incognito, I am inspired by flowers with interesting common names. By combining flowers with self-portraits and animal skulls I wanted to create masks, concealing the true identity.

Black-eyed Susan 60 x 30 x 25 cm

You are welcome to visit the gallery’s page (here) to get a preview of the work for this show, but I will also post images here during the course of this month…

In the meanwhile I am busy preparing for another solo exhibition titled : “Come hell or high water” which will open on the 5th of October 2017 at Lizamore and Associates gallery in Johannesburg.

Come hell or high water – cotton thread, felt and rubber 63 x 102 cm

but more about this at a later stage.

In early November the gallery Knysna Fine Art turns 20! They will be hosting an extraordinary group exhibition to celebrate this milestone. I am thrilled and honoured to take part in this exhibition since this gallery was the first to give me a show back in 2003!


And then the final news-snippet for today:

I am looking forward to participate in a group exhibition at Grande Provence in collaboration with the wine estate around their range of Angel Tears wine in December this year.

On that note, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, enjoy the sunny days, and if you are more North, I hope you experience a lovely Autumn/Winter.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go blow up some balloons since my little boy is celebrating his 7th birthday today xxx

“Sir” Stephan is 7!




Knysna Fires – Letter from Knysna Fine Art

Art portfolio- my work, Studio news

You are on our mailing list because you are a past or previous client, or have requested to be on our mailing list and we would appreciate your reading the following heartfelt letter.

You may have heard of the utterly devastating fires that have hit Knysna and the surrounding towns. This is possibly the worst natural disaster South Africa has had in a century or more. So many people have lost everything and the economy of this once lovely place has suffered a hammer blow from which we will literally take years to recover. Knysna Fine Art, which turns 20 this spring (and we will be celebrating this milestone in, hopefully, greener times) is not immune to these hard times although we somehow survived the flames.

If you were to consider purchasing art from us for the next month you would not only be adding to your collection, but making an enormous difference to us and the greater Knysna community. 

We will give half of any profit we make (in your name, if you wish) to community funds which include Knysna Animal Welfare, the Red Cross, and the Mayor’s Fund. We as a gallery, the wonderful artists we represent & Knysna as a whole would be helped immeasurably by your actions.

Thank you.

Trent Read, and the staff at Knysna Fine Art

For more info or list of available work contact Knysna Fine Art at:

t: +27 (0)44 382 5107

or follow this link to some of my work available via the gallery:

Implanted memories (opening night)

Studio news/blog

Self with Know Thyself

A BIG thank you to everyone who came to the opening night of my solo exhibition: Implanted Memories at Knysna Fine Art gallery on the 8th of December!

My excitement for that evening started in November already when me and my friend Anli bombarded Santa at the Pre-Primary school Christmas concert. We pretended to ask Mr Clause for a  mom’s-day-off aka roadtrip while the dad’s hold the fort for awhile – and guess what: wish granted!


So on our way we stopped in George at my favourite bookshop: The Blue Forest Bookshop

I always love their window displays, its just a pity I suck at taking a good photo of it ;-)

I always love their window displays, its just a pity I suck at taking a good photo of it 😉

and I also visited one of my favourite companies to pick up some extra ‘art’ supplies (read inner tubes).

A couple of hours we finally made it to Knysna!

Anli and Myself all dressed up and ready for the evening.

Anli and Myself all dressed up and ready for the evening.

I decided that I wanted to wear a ‘hat’ for the occasion and made it from the inner of an army helmet, which I drilled holes into and put pieces of tule into it.

photographer: Philip Heinen

photographer: Philip Heijnen

Philip (staff member of the gallery) also organised a smoke machine for the evening. Smoke machines remind me of my student years, and I like the idea of a smokescreen as a ‘implanted memory’ and always dreamt of having one at an exhibition.  Since the gallery is really big, and a couple of solo shows opened on that same night AND the smoke didn’t really behave like we wanted to so we removed it later, but at least he took a photograph to capture the memory.

Talking about ‘student years’…it was amazing to see one of my lecturers at the gallery: Charmaine Haines:


Charmaine and her husband Martin Haines were having their exhibition titled: the Owl and the Pussy cat on that same evening. How awesome is that!


During the evening I planted a memory (read attach a rubber flower shaped brooch) on everyone I interacted with

During the evening I planted a memory (read attach a rubber flower shaped brooch) on everyone I interacted with

What a memorable evening indeed. It’s just a pity that we didn’t get a group photo with all the exhibiting artists and all the staff members including the owner Trent Read, but here are some more memorable moments:

from left to right: Paula Louw (artist), Philip Heijnen (staff member) Mylene Ife (Gallery Manager), Yours truly and Alta Grobler (Staff member)

from left to right: Paula Louw (artist), Philip Heijnen (staff member) Mylene Ife (Gallery Manager), Yours truly and Alta Grobler (Staff member)

It was also Artist Paula Louw’s birthday that evening!



Jaycene (staff member at Knysna Fine Art)

Jaycene (staff member at Knysna Fine Art)



And in a flash it all came to an end, but remember if you are in the area, the exhibition will be up for approximately a month! Or you can visit their website for more info on all the exhibitions currently on show – click here


And so our road trip came to an end at the Knysna Heads, and we headed back – Home sweet home xxx