How Abra-Cadaver saved the Wicked Cat

Art portfolio- my work

Once upon a time (round-a-bout 2016), in Stellenbosch, South Africa; Abra-Cadaver the Stink Afrikaner:

Abra-Cadaver-Stink Afrikaner 2016- exhibited during the Woordfees in Stellenbosch (destroyed)

was waiting and thinking, until “Minutes to Midnight” in 2018:

Minutes to midnight 2018 (destroyed)

meanwhile- “it is hard to take a nap with a dragon on your lap”.

“It is hard to take a nap with a dragon on your lap 2021 Photographic print on canvas, thread and rubber (destroyed)

which of course did not work out, but luckily today, the cat can finally say to Abra-Cadaver:

“Thank you for saving my life, said the wicked cat” 2022 Photographic print on board, thread and rubber

Thank you for saving my life said the wicked cat 2022 Photographic print on board, thread, doillies and rubber 122 x 85 cm framed

The end.

Thanks for visiting Dagdromer (studio exhibition)

Art portfolio- my work
from left to right: Nadine Hansden, Nicole Hein, myself and Marelise Visser

Our heartfelt thanks to each and everyone who came to our open studio exhibition on Friday and Yesterday.

Much appreciated!

Janus, ‘Ja-nee’, it’s January 2022

Art portfolio- my work

1 January was new year day: In ancient times the day was consecrated to Janus (the Roman god of new beginnings gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, frames, and endings. He is usually depicted as having two faces.) Thus on that day and ever since it is customary to exchange cheerful words of good wishes.

While there was a lot of ups and downs, I do realize that it is not fashionable to say but 2021 was a great year in so many ways. From Commissions to great exhibition opportunities, meeting new friends, being healthy and having a happy family life. It feels great to count one’s blessings, so that’s what I want to focus on.

Covid and Global warming sucks but let us not allow it to determine our whole worldview.  Life is good if we focus on the present. Things are getting better, or so I hope…right???

Well maybe, that was until I watched “Death to 2021” on Netflix 😉

Anyway, while I am not going to make any new year’s resolutions’ I am going to make pacts with ancient forest beasts, promises to old gods, pledges to wise souls and trade my immortal soul for the power of kindness that curls across my skin like the uncurling petals of flowers in our garden.

Before the year was over a great joy was announced 2021

I don’t know what 2022 will bring but I know I’ll be creating art regardless.

much love


Phantasmagoria – you are invited!

Art portfolio- my work

I am excited that the following works will be part of the Phantasmagoria – a group exhibition curated by Judy Woodborne and hosted by RK Contemporary gallery in Riebeeck Kasteel, South Africa:

Claire Voyant, Vintage photograph, thread and rubber 2021 Hannalie Taute 503 mm x 356 mm framed without glass
The Ogre, Vintage photograph, thread and rubber 2021 Hannalie Taute 542 x 370 mm framed without glass
The Ogre’s wife, Vintage photograph, thread and rubber, 2021 Hannalie Taute 542 x 370 mm framed without glass
The King and Queen. 2021 Vintage photograph, thread and rubber, Hannalie Taute 402 x 337 mm framed with glass
The bird was guarded by a terrible fire breathing dragon that never slept, 2021 Vintage photograph, Thread and rubber 402 x 337 mm Hannalie Taute
It was funny at first Vintage photograph, thread and rubber 2021 Hannalie Taute 402 x 337 mm framed with glass

For more information or to register your interest please contact the gallery. Click here to view their page.

ICTAF- You’re invited

Studio news/blog

I am happy to announce that Deepest Darkest Art Gallery in Cape Town will include one of my recent works in their lineup for this year’s ICTAF


Running in parallel with their sister fair in Milan; miart international modern and contemporary art fair, this event provides a unique opportunity where VIPs, galleries, and visitors will have access to a much broader audience across two continents and two fairs.
 Deepest Darkest will be presenting work by AD-Reflex, Hannalie Taute,
Kevin Mackintosh, Krisjan Rossouw, Leila Fanner and Navel Seakamela.
17 – 19 September 2021

Preview: 15 – 17 September